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Our most popular Plumbers

  • Thurlain Plumbing Logo

    Thurlain Plumbing

    People friendly, with the professionalism of a corporate company and the care of a family business

    Bentleigh East, VIC
    • Carla


      Removed my old ugly bathroom and replaced it with a modern beautiful bathroom. Thank you Peter and team.

      · 23 days ago
    • Lee


      · over a year ago
    • kris


      Great, Peter came and looked for the source of the leaks, realised needed entire new roof, gutters and downpipes, quoted it, and I had my new roof on within 2weeks. Friendly and professional, would recommend

      · over a year ago
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  • Trotta Plumbing PTY LTD Logo

    Trotta Plumbing PTY LTD

    "Time is taken to carry out all works to the highest of standards”

    Aberfeldie, VIC
    • Tim


      Very friendly, very professional, prompt service. Definitely recommend

      · over a year ago
    • Maree


      Great and fast response.

      · over a year ago
    • Darrell


      Albert was great. Always on time and a very fussy tradesman. Clean and professional and always willing to do a bit extra to help out.

      · over a year ago
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  • Inspired Plumbing Services Logo

    Inspired Plumbing Services

    Be inspired by great service at a competitive price!

    Mount Waverley, VIC
    • Paul


      · 4 months ago
    • Scott


      Very good. Highly recommended and will use them again

      · 6 months ago
    • gaurav

      Gaurav :

      Uber quick to respond have used his services earlier very reliable

      · 7 months ago
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  • H&R Roofing Services Logo

    H&R Roofing Services

    Peace of mind when it comes down to the job being done right and that it will LAST.

    Caroline Springs, VIC
    • Chelsea


      Did an amazing job, great service, went above and beyond to ensure satisfaction

      · about a month ago
    • Joanne


      Very quick response, professional, would recommend.

      · over a year ago
    • Michelle


      Fast response to my advert, great service

      · over a year ago
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  • Malew Plumbing Logo

    Malew Plumbing

    We are a family run business and offer a personal and professional experience for every customer

    Garfield, VIC
    • Rusten


      I can only say good things about Mark. He gave me a quote quickly. His prices were quite reasonable and competitive. He did a good job. When I found a few more things to add to his work load, he did them all cheerfully and his additional charges were quite reasonable. Finally, he is a likeable...

      · 12 months ago
    • Brad


      Thank you, Mark. Very professional. Look forward to working with you again.

      · over a year ago
    • Maurice


      Mark Lewis of Malew Plumbing did an outstanding job for which I happily paid 10% above the quoted price. His response was fast, and he worked on the Queen's Birthday holiday, completing the job before mid-month, as I had hoped to facilitate my travel plans. Malew Plumbing is a credit...

      · over a year ago
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    Are you looking for a plumber who takes pride in his work??

    Thornbury, VIC
    • Brad


      · over a year ago
    • Jayne


      Excellent. Would highly recommend. Came very early in the morning to help me out so that I could get to work on time. Nice guy.

      · over a year ago
    • Joshua


      I really have to give it to Aaron and the team. A+ service and communication. Thanks again!

      · over a year ago
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  • Optimal Plumbing Services Pty Ltd Logo

    Optimal Plumbing Services Pty Ltd

    Optimal Plumbing for Optimal Service and Quality

    Kilsyth, VIC
    • Suzanne


      · over a year ago
    • Pramesh


      Responded promptly with an agreed time. Gave another call to advise when he was getting there. Did the job at the agreed price. Good service, friendly and reasonable price.

      · over a year ago
    • Jan


      Highly recommended. Quick and reliable.

      · over a year ago
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  • Select Plumbing & Guttering Logo

    Select Plumbing & Guttering

    Ensure you make the right choice for your plumbing needs - SELECT PLUMBING & GUTTERING

    Research, VIC
    • Patrick


      Great guttering installation. Went the furtherest in getting on the roof to check it out.

      · over a year ago
    • Andrew


      Great job, highly recommended. Job done while we were on overseas trip... Sent photos, all good and reliable.

      · over a year ago
    • Val


      Very happy with the service. Would recommend them to anybody.

      · over a year ago
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    How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Gutters Cleaned?

    Keeping your gutters in a clean and good condition is an important part of home ownership, more so if you live in a wooded area or have trees overhanging your property. The cost of gutter cleaning varies from place to place, but we’re just aiming to give you a rough guide here, so that you feel confident when you’re getting quotes from a professional.

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  • Pricing Guides for Tradespeople

    Pricing Guides for Tradespeople

    This comprehensive tradespeople price guide provides information on the cost of a variety of different trades including plumbers, electricians, painters, fencers, plasterers, carpenters, and more.

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  • Guide to Bathroom Renovations

    Guide to Bathroom Renovations

    A bathroom renovation is one of the largest renovation projects that you can undertake and when done well can add substantial value to your home. The key to a successful bathroom renovation is thorough research and finding the right bathroom renovation company for you.

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  • Plumbing price: Costs for plumbing work

    Plumbing price: Costs for plumbing work

    Plumbing jobs can be exceptionally predictable or vary wildy in price - usually because a simple job can become complex once it starts. If your home is relatively new you'll find that there is less chance of costs escalating as the state of the plumbing is likely to be fairly stable and predictable, but in old houses some jobs can open up a can of worms. Now that we've completely terrified you, here's some info about how much plumbing jobs can cost - call out fees, hourly rates and extra costs.

    by Service Central · 10 Comments

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    28 Stunning Wetroom Tile Designs

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  • Water Damage? No Need To Turn On The Waterworks!

    Water Damage? No Need To Turn On The Waterworks!

    The home is a delicate ecosystem - it doesn’t take a full-on flood to cause some serious imbalance! Busted pipes, leaky taps and broken toilets can upset the equilibrium of a household in no time. Yet, with the right DIY tricks up your sleeve and the right plumbing service, there’s no need to fear. Here are some of the most common plumbing maintenance requests and what it takes to solve them without anxiety.

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  • Top 3 Coolest Refrigerator Features

    Top 3 Coolest Refrigerator Features

    Sometimes, an appliance stands out from the crowd. Maybe it’s sleeker, maybe it’s more practical, maybe it just nails the whole value-for-money thing. When it comes to finding a refrigerator for a kitchen, many people may simply opt for the cheapest option in their price bracket and overlook the importance of choosing something which will maximise their lifestyle. In fact, fridge units can be as glamorous as it gets. Short of coming with a lifetime supply of champagne and caviar, here are three cool futuristic trends in fridge design.

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  • 5 Things To Remember During Your Bathroom Renovation

    5 Things To Remember During Your Bathroom Renovation

    It’s the creme de la creme, the belle of the ball - there’s no denying a bathroom remodel is on the top of most household wishlists. Perfect for boosting both the livability and the value of your property, a squeaky clean and sophisticated wetroom look is hard to top. But the course of a renovation never did run smooth and it pays to be cautious when undertaking such a significant project. Here are 5 tips for ensuring everything goes according to plan.

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    Kiwi guy finds his house plumbed with Beer!

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