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His forearms glistened with sweat as his fingers inched closer to their destination. Moving swiftly, forcefully and with precision, he twisted and turned, grunting in concentration. His breath quickened as he thrust his tool further and further into the opening until, with one final push, he emerged drenched in sweat and with a grin. “Looks like that leak’s all fixed up now then, Ms Mitchell.”

Does this sound familiar? Never fear – with these handy pick-up lines, you’ll be rustling up a bit of tradie-love in no time at all.

For electricians:

Is it just me or are there sparks between us?

Now that you’ve sorted out all of these knobs, why don’t I return the favour?

Are you high voltage? Because you really turn me on.

For builders:

Are you a concreter? Because you’ve cemented a place in my heart.

Baby, there’s no need to build walls between us.

I hope you’re good with a hammer because I’ve got some serious nailing which needs to be done.

For landscapers:

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

I like someone who’s good with their hands.

Let me show you my water feature.

For plumbers:

Baby, the love tap just keeps on gushing.

Want to tinker with my pipes?

I’ve got a leak only you can fix.

For handymen

 – well, if you can’t think of some of your own, then your heart’s not really in it.

To get the sparks flying, here’s the Service Central directory for all Trade Services.

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