How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Gutters Cleaned?


Keeping your gutters in a clean and good condition is an important part of home ownership, more so if you live in a wooded area or have overhanging trees on your property. The cost of gutter cleaning varies from place to place - we hope this rough guide provides you with a good enough idea to feel confident when getting quotes from a professional.

Why should gutters be regularly cleaned?

Blocked gutters facilitate the overflow of rain, inviting damage to the overall structure of the house. More significantly for Australian homeowners, having a build-up of debris and leaf litter in your gutters is a huge fire risk. Regular gutter cleaning ensures a longer life for your gutters and a more appealing look overall.


Why can't I clean my own gutters?

Cleaning gutters is time-consuming and potentially dangerous for an inexperienced hand. Professional gutter cleaners have had years of training and experience and will be able to get the job done much more quickly. They use the latest tools and technology and are fully licensed and insured in their work. What's more, many gutter cleaners will be able to attend to minor repairs on your roof in the process, such as broken tiles.


What's the average cost for gutter cleaning?

The average rate for a gutter clean seems to range from between $40 and $300. This is a broad average because no two guttering jobs are alike - the size, dimensions and nature of your property will determine the cost.

If your property is a small single story property then you can expect to pay down the lower end of the scale. A handyman (or any gutter clearing professional) will be able to work easily and quickly on that sort of property and the price should reflect the difficulty of the task. These jobs should come in at around $100, with smaller houses and units incurring fees well under.


If you have a large, split-level or multi-story property, this will be reflected in the price. Houses which are unusually shaped or especially tall may also incur higher fees since the job will take longer, the gutters are more difficult to access, and there is more risk involved. These kinds of houses can cost up to around $400 but usually more like $200.

As with everything, remember to get at least two quotes to determine your options (which is made easy when you post a job with Service Central). Although pricing can be a significant factor in choosing a service provider, remember that quality is the most important outcome. Ensure you're getting the very best professional standards for your home.

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  • Having worked as a property manager. I would estimate (in Melbourne) that the average price for gutter cleaning would be closer to $250.00 for a professional service provider, with a minimum of $120 to $150. Taking into account the high cost of risk insurance, height safety etc.

    over a year ago by Jake
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