Pricing Guides for Tradespeople

This comprehensive tradespeople price guide provides information on the cost of a variety of different trades including plumbers, electricians, painters, fencers, plasterers, carpenters, and more.

There is a large variety of different types of tradespeople, each specialising in a particular trade. This tradespeople price guide provides you with information on the basic costings of each trade. It also provides links through to more detailed price guides for each trade listed.

Plumbing Prices

Traditionally a plumber will charge a call out fee ($50-$85) and then an hourly rate ($50-$85 per hour) for the work the plumber undertakes.

Plumbers also often have set rates for particular types of plumbing work such as:

  • Unblocking a drain.
  • Installing a Hot Water System (HWS)
  • Etc.

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Electrician Prices

Similar to plumbers, electricians normally charge a call out fee ($30-$85) and then an hourly rate ($40-$85) for the work they undertake.

Electricians also often have set rates for particular types of electrical work such as:

  • Powerpoint installation
  • New Safety Switch
  • New Light Fitting
  • Etc.

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Concreting Price

The cost of concreting is usually calculated on a cubic metre rate, where the concreter calculates the volume of concrete that would be required.

With standard thickness levels, concreters cost:

  • Plain concrete: $55-$73 per square metre.
  • Coloured concrete: $63-$87 per square metre.
  • Slate impression: $72+ per square metre
  • Stenciled finish: $82+ per square metre.

These prices increase dramatically when extra work is required such as excavation, site preparation, re-enforcement, etc.

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Painting Prices

Painters traditionally charge on a per square metre basis, based on what needs to be painted and where.

On average painters charge:


  • Wood in good condition = $12 - $25 per metre squared
  • Wood in bad condition = $17 - $29 per metre squared
  • Brick = $12 - $15 per metre squared


  • $11 - $24 per square metre
  • Single room of a standard size (3mx4mx3m) = $650 - $830
  • For Victorian styles, paint effects etc, costs will sharply increase.

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Carpenters Cost

Carpenters traditionally charge between $32 and $55 per hour.

They often also have set rates for particular types of carpentry work such as:

  • Decks
  • Pergolas
  • Etc.

See: Carpentry Price Guide

Plastering Price

Plasterers usually charge on a per square metre basis.

As an indicative price plasters can cost:

  • Dry Wall (Standard Plasterboard and/or Gyprock): $20-37 per sq meter
  • Contemporary - Whole House: $10,600-14,000 based on 150 sq meter home
  • Contemporary - Single Room: $1,350-1,760 based on room 3m x 4m x 3m
  • Victorian Style - Whole House: $19,500-30,900 based on 150 sq meter home
  • Victorian Style - Single Room: $2,300- 3,680 based on room 3m x 4m x 3m
  • Solid Plastering (Hard plaster): $30-70 per sq meter

See: Plastering Price Guide

Bricklaying Cost

Bricklayers can charge on a hourly rate ($37-$53 per hour) or a per brick basis ($1 to $5 per brick depending on the size of the job).

See: Bricklaying Price Guide

Fencing Cost

Fencers normally charge on a per lineal metre basis.

The cost of fencing can be estimated as follows:

  • Paling Fence - $60-$120 per linear meter, depending on height and type of wood. Staining or painting a wooden fence may also be over and above the cost per linear metre.
  • Treated or hardwood options will add more expense.
  • Colourbond Fence - more expensive than a paling fence
  • Gates - lots of choice, single and double gates. Fitting is usually not that expensive.

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Tiling Cost

Tilers often charge on a per square metre basis, based on the type of tiles that they are laying. Extra costs can also be incurred where additional preparation is required before and during the tiling process.

  • Ceramic Tiling (per square meter): $88-$152
  • Quarry Tiling (per square meter): $88-$120
  • Vinyl Tiling (per square meter): $41-$96

Generally a good tiler will cost you between $25-$80 per hour, but remember you can always ask the tiler to quote for the entire job rather than on an hourly basis.

See: Tiling Price Guide

How to get accurate prices quickly

The best way to get an accurate indication on the cost of tradespeople is to ask the tradespeople themselves.

The easiest way to speak with a number of quality tradespeople in your area is to Post A Job Request with Service Central.

Once you have Posted Your Job Request, Service Central will arrange for a number of quality local tradespeople to contact you and quote directly on the work that you wish to undertake.

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