Would you buy a house to attract a tradie?

This advertisement on realestate.com.au certainly thinks so! Apparently the property has "a Plumbers yard next door and a number of developments being built in the area" making it the prime choice for a lady looking to meet a tradie!

The ad starts with: "If you are a single lady looking to meet a tradesman, this incredibly affordable 2 Storey, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Townhouse is the one for you."

If that doesn't get your heart racing then maybe "the all important huge upstairs Balcony, perfect for surveying the scene" will get you going.

Should I just file this away as 'strangest property ad ever' or do you think it's a new trend?

Supposedly "Carpenters, tilers, painters, builders and plumbers ... are the five hottest professions to have in the dating world right now" and this property is the place to find them. (Sorry Electricians, Handymen, Fencers and everyone else - looks like you miss out this time!)

They even go on to suggest: "To lure him in there is a storage shed for all his tools. To cool you down after he has been around there is air-conditioning on both levels." I can't help but laugh.

Finally, they finish with "It will be sold quicker than a speed date."

I'm not really sure about that! Check out the ad (while it's still up!) to see for yourself. Thank Tanya in the office here for finding it!

Have you seen anything else a bit quirky? Post it in the comments below or send it to our Friday Funnies newsletter at funnies@servicecentral.com.au

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