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Looking for a local, certified Electrician? Well you've come to the right place! Post your electrical job with Service Central and we'll instantly notify our registered electricians of your job. No more calling around, repeating yourself time and time again - simply say it once and we'll spread the word. The electricians will come to you!

To top it off, Service Central only allows certified, licensed electricians on its network - so you know you'll be getting the best electricians in your area, whether it's a Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne electrician you're after. The electrical systems in your home or office are extremely complicated - and potentially dangerous - so only a licensed electrician should carry out any installations or repairs.

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But how do you find the right electrician for the job?

Post your job with Service Central, and we'll find an electrical contractor to help you with your electrical repairs, installation, or anything else you need.

Electrician Our lives are becoming increasingly reliant on electrical appliances and gadgetry, with home entertainment systems, security systems, network and data cabling and more filling our houses. Risking your rewiring, repairs or installations to a random number from a phone directory could be a costly mistake. Service Central's feedback system ensures your electrician measures up.

There are over 120,000 electricians working in Australia today*. With Service Central's unique matching system, you're only getting calls from those ideally suited to your job. Service Central also ensures your electrician is qualified, licensed and fully insured, and we make sure the job gets done properly. You can even set your own price range, and specify the date you want them to show up.

What sort of electrical jobs can I get done through Service Central?

Electrician From power points or light installation to helping you automate your home, big jobs or small, Service Central ensures you find a reliable, qualified, licensed electrician who can help you with your job quickly.

* Electrical Connection magazine

How does Service Central find Electricians?

Tell us once
Give us the details of your electrical job, online or over the phone, in 30 seconds.
They contact you
Get up to three quotes from local electricians, often within minutes.
You pick the best
Use quotes, feedback and business profiles to select the right electrician for you.
Licenced, Insured and Certified

All Service Central electricians are licenced, insured and certified.

Recent Electrical Jobs on Service Central

Some of the electrical jobs posted with us recently.

  • Electrician

    Connect new oven to the wall.

    by Ben · Electricians: New Electrical Installations · Jamisontown, New South Wales
  • electrical

    - Replace internal & external lights (including installing 6 downlight - 2...

    by Jock · Electricians: General Electrical · Kensington, New South Wales
    • Jay Group Electrical Logo

      Jay Group Electrical

    • Franco Electrical Services  Logo

      Franco Electrical Services

    • GEM Electricians Logo

      GEM Electricians

  • fix lamp on computer

    lamp not working

    by Joey · Electricians: General Electrical · Fitzroy, Victoria
    • All Good Things Electrical Logo

      All Good Things Electrical

    • Etiquette Electricians Logo

      Etiquette Electricians

    • DT Electrical and Data Communications Logo

      DT Electrical and Data Communications

  • Install 3 Dimmer Lightswitches

    We need 3 dimmer switches put in today :)

    by Martin · Electricians: General Electrical · Lower Plenty, Victoria
    • S.O.T.A Electrical Pty Ltd Logo

      S.O.T.A Electrical Pty Ltd

    • brickhill electrical contractors Logo

      brickhill electrical contractors

    • ANE Electrics Logo

      ANE Electrics

  • replace dimmer

    I need to replace one dimmer in the bedroom for a light set consisting of 3...

    by Kon · Electricians: General Electrical · Essendon, Victoria
    • Right Connection Electrical Logo

      Right Connection Electrical

    • AARP Electrical Logo

      AARP Electrical

    • Sullivan Electrical Services Pty Ltd Logo

      Sullivan Electrical Services Pty Ltd

    • A.B Electrics Logo

      A.B Electrics

  • Install additional power point

    I would like to install an additional power point in my kitchen on a tiled...

    by Amanda · Electricians: Powerpoints · Kingsbury, Victoria
    • All Good Things Electrical Logo

      All Good Things Electrical

    • Melbourne Data & Electrical PTY LTD Logo

      Melbourne Data & Electrical PTY LTD

    • ANE Electrics Logo

      ANE Electrics

  • replace ceiling light fittings

    I need at least 3-4 light fittings replaced

    by Matt · Electricians: New Home Electrical · Manifold Heights, Victoria
    • New Wave Electrics Logo

      New Wave Electrics

  • Repair or replacement Electron TCM 400/600 Intercom system

    the system above has stopped working, both the buzzer and the handsets

    by Morre · Electricians: Electrical Repairs · Caulfield North, Victoria
    • Alliance Electrical Services Logo

      Alliance Electrical Services

    • DT Electrical and Data Communications Logo

      DT Electrical and Data Communications

    • Etiquette Electricians Logo

      Etiquette Electricians

We have the best Electricians.

Every electrician at Service Central is subject to strict quality criteria and ongoing compliance checks.

Each business must be properly registered, insured and qualified.

Our customers leave feedback about their experience, so that everyone can make an informed decision about who to hire.

See some of our most popular electricians

  • B.D Electrics Logo

    B.D Electrics

    Friendly staff, Certified work , 24 hour on-site service

    Melbourne, Victoria ·
    • Robert



      · 6 months ago
    • Derek


      Very good service and knowledgeable in zwave installations. Highly recommended.

      · 7 months ago
    • Damian


      Good communication and service

      · 8 months ago
    • See all reviews...
  • Ezzy R Electrics Logo

    Ezzy R Electrics

    Ezzy R Electrics are experts in domestic and commercial maintenance & new installations.

    Caulfield North, Victoria ·
    • Tim


      Came quickly and was able to provide valuable advice with an efficient service. Highly Recommend

      · 2 months ago
    • Illan


      Great. The guys are friendly, professional and did a great job - and gave good advice as well. Would recommend and re-use.

      · 4 months ago
    • Sandra


      I would highly recommend Ezzy R Electrics. They were friendly, efficient and prompt. I am extremely happy with their work and will use them again in the future.

      · 4 months ago
    • See all reviews...
  • Alliance Electrical Services Logo

    Alliance Electrical Services

    Knoxfield, Victoria ·
    • George


      Replied quickly to my posted job. Very friendly and honest tradesman. Thanks again.

      · 3 months ago
    • david


      Good trade person was in & out quick

      · 3 months ago
    • Jonathon


      Stefan arrived on time and installed 30 LED lights. I liked the way he asked questions if he wasn't sure about the placement of the lights and was very onsiderate and empathetic at all times. Even cleaned up after himself!

      · 7 months ago
    • See all reviews...
  • A.B Electrics Logo

    A.B Electrics

    Save up to 80% off your running costs of your lighting just by upgrading from halogen to LED Downlig

    Derrimut, Victoria ·
    • Nicole


      Received a prompt call with a competitive quote. Timely response as they came the very next day. Friendly, professional and ensured the job was completed to a high standard.

      · 3 months ago
    • Dianne


      Great service, helpful and efficient. Would use them again in the future.

      · 6 months ago
    • Joshuva


      nice work and reasonable price

      · 10 months ago
    • See all reviews...
  • JCK Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd Logo

    JCK Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd

    Holland Park West, Queensland ·
    • Allister


      · 4 days ago
    • Brittany


      Outstanding, I was extremely happy with the slightly difficult job and the cost was perfectly reasonable. Would recommend and definitely hire again.

      · 5 days ago
    • Kirsty


      Great company. Amazing service, great workmanship and very reasonable on price. Would definitely call on them again!

      · 5 days ago
    • See all reviews...
  • Cornford Electrics Logo

    Cornford Electrics

    We find solutions ...not problems !

    Somerton, Victoria ·
    • Doug


      Very good response plus work and timing was excellent

      · 2 months ago
    • Jenny


      Happy to recommend Craig. Quick response to job posting, next day he was here and the job was completed. Professional work and a nice bloke to work with.

      · 9 months ago


      · over a year ago
    • See all reviews...
  • Eagle Appliance Repairs Logo

    Eagle Appliance Repairs

    Toongabbie, New South Wales ·
    • Daryl


      Friendly efficient servcie. Came out on Eatser Saturday afternoon for emergency repair. Cost reasonable in those circumstances. Would use again

      · 11 months ago
    • Gary


      Very good

      · over a year ago
    • Brad


      Good service & communication, highly recommended

      · over a year ago
    • See all reviews...
  • Hard 2 Beat Renovations Pty Ltd Logo

    Hard 2 Beat Renovations Pty Ltd

    We take the hassle out of renovating your home or investment property

    Pakenham, Victoria ·
    • Lorraine


      We were very happy with his workmanship. Will get him back for any other work we need to have done. Thank you

      · 25 days ago
    • Michelle


      Quick response, friendly and professional. Very reasonably priced. Would use again

      · 9 months ago
    • Jake


      Great work and great guys. I definitely recomend.

      · over a year ago
    • See all reviews...

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Do some research on typical prices for electricians before listing your job.

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    Pricing Guides for Tradespeople

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    Ways to cut electrical costs

    One of the best ways to reduce the costs of calling out an electrician is to simply get more value out of their time. You're paying a call out fee and an hourly rate, so make the most of the call out by adding a couple of jobs to your sparkie's list. Here are some ideas:

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    Electrician's price: Costs for electrical work

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    How Much Does It Cost To Rewire A House?

    If you're thinking about rewiring your house, it's useful to check out our price guide for electricians, but this article provides some additional information about the process. As with most electrical jobs, it can be difficult to quote anything specific without further consultation, but this guide should give you a general idea about what to expect from your tradesperson.

    by Service Central · Leave a Comment

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    50 Shades of Trade - Tradie Pick Up Lines

    His forearms glistened with sweat as his fingers inched closer to their destination. Moving swiftly, forcefully and with precision, he twisted and turned, grunting in concentration. His breath quickened as he thrust his tool further and further into the opening until, with one final push, he emerged drenched in sweat and with a grin. “Looks like that leak’s all fixed up now then, Ms Mitchell.” Does this sound familiar? Never fear – with these handy pick-up lines, you’ll be rustling up a bit of tradie-love in no time at all.

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    Electricians Gone Wrong!!!

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