Dealing With Oven Issues? Piece Of Cake!

Did you know that malfunctioning ovens and stoves are a leading cause of electrician call-outs? Electric ovens may have become the norm but many homeowners are remarkably poorly-versed when it comes to solving basic errors in functioning. Ovens which are consistently overheating, ovens which don’t appear to turn on at all, ovens with bust lights or wonky doors and ovens which spread heat to neighbouring kitchen units are all common complaints. Here are three key steps for dealing with your issue.

1. Identify the cause to the best of your ability

Is the appliance connected to power? Do you hear the smooth whir of a healthy fan? Does the door close and seal correctly or is there air entering the oven? Which internal elements are heating up successfully and which are unresponsive? Are your normal oven settings on or have you recently been fiddling around with dials? Try to narrow down what may be affecting the functionality of the appliance.

2. Assess whether DIY might do the trick

Frustrating but true: many functionality issues with ovens actually stem from poor cleaning and maintenance. Giving the unit a proper clean-out will ensure there are no pesky food residues causing difficulty - after all, it can be quite alarming to find smoke billowing out of your oven door! Likewise, sometimes greasing a hinge or replacing a simple grill element can be a DIY job. It all depends on your confidence and previous experience.

3. Call a contractor

In some cases, especially if you’re not 100% sure of the origin of the fault, the safest option is to call in some professional assistance. When it comes to diagnosing and dealing with complex internal faults, you can’t go past the expertise and experience that comes with having tackled such problems in the past.

Well at least these problems are easy to diagnose..

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