How Much Does It Cost To Rewire A House?


If you're thinking about rewiring your house, it's useful to check out our price guide for electricians, but this article provides some additional information about the process. As with most electrical jobs, it can be difficult to quote anything specific without further consultation, but this guide should give you a general idea about what to expect from your tradesperson.

Base costs


Copper wiring is expensive - increasingly so. You just have to watch the news to hear about people stealing copper cables from train networks to know that it's a valuable commodity. Because of this, materials alone can start at $600 and escalate dramatically if the home is large or has many power outlets.

Labour costs


Electricians typically work on an hourly rate but some will quote a flat rate for a whole house which could end up being either cheaper or more expensive than being charged an hourly rate. Having an electrician rewire your home can cost between $65 and $120 per switch, outlet or light fixture plus the costs to upgrade the electrical board itself and test all the fuses and so on. The average total cost to rewire a house starts at around $3,500 -$8,000 for a medium-sized home with easy access but can be significantly higher.

Other costs


Access to the wiring infrastructure is the biggest factor in how expensive the job will be. If you have easy access to the sub floor and ceiling space you'll find that the job will go faster and therefore be less expensive.

If you aren't changing the location of powerpoints and outlets, you will find that the job takes less time (less cutting through walls and creating space). If you are changing locations, note that brick walls are more complex to install new electrical points in, and plasterboard walls are easier. Weatherboard houses often have easier access too. Consider handling the patching-up of old electrical points yourself, or hiring a handyman, because some electricians won't automatically do this, and it can potentially reduce costs.

Many electricians recommend having the rewiring done while you're on holiday because a project can take longer and therefore cost more in terms of regular safety updates if you're living there while it's underway. Rewiring can take 3 - 10 days.

What next?


Although rewiring your house can be expensive, if you're thinking about doing it, the job is usually necessary now or will be necessary very soon - for instance, if you're experiencing the symptoms of a house which requires an overhaul (random shorts, short-lived lightbulbs, outlet burnouts etc.)

Safety is key - modern houses and appliances demand more from the electrical system than in the past so antiquated wiring is an accident waiting to happen. Plus, with the ever increasing costs of copper, a big job like rewiring your house will probably become costlier over time - all the more reason to get it all sorted in the short-term.

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