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Our most popular Painters

  • Enduracoat Painting Services Logo

    Enduracoat Painting Services

    Roxburgh Park, VIC
    • Mark


      Great job and very responsive. Would thoroughly recommend, cost was slightly higher but work standard / quality was great which was what we wanted.

      · 21 days ago
    • Marty


      Was prompt to respond to my job, came out and did a visual inspection prior to quote, he felt that is was all straight forward (unlike other providers) and gave a competitive quote. He won the business and did a good job of knocking it over efficiently with a good finish. Happy to recommend his...

      · over a year ago
    • Janine


      Very professional service. Quote was done in a timely fashion with every detail outlined in the emailed quote. Painting was done in good time and professional job. Cleaned up well after the job was finished. Highly recommend.

      · over a year ago
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  • Proline Interiors Logo

    Proline Interiors

    Combined 35 years of experience servicing the Greater Sydney and CBD region

    Kings Langley, NSW
    • Moussa


      GREAT. did a fantastic job. Was very prompt, polite and professional.

      · over a year ago
    • Stuart


      Job well Done.... Good communications

      · over a year ago
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  • Hammer & Spade Logo

    Hammer & Spade

    Anything you need, Just Ask

    Upwey, VIC
    • Carla


      Great job done. Very happy with all the work done.

      · 8 months ago
    • Cain


      Luke was very friendly and great at explaining technical details about the job. The job was very well done. Luke proposed an alternative way to fix the issue, and this worked well. I would highly recommend Luke, and would use him again for future jobs.

      · over a year ago
    • Sean


      Great job, efficient and reasonable

      · over a year ago
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  • Gavan Wood Painting & Decorating Logo

    Gavan Wood Painting & Decorating

    30 years experience in all aspects of the painting trade. Superior quality & affordability.

    Derrimut, VIC
    • gerard


      Gavan is a very prompt and professional tradesman. He was helpful and communicated well in regard to the job. I would recommend him to anyone considering painting work and I would go back to him if I need to have some painting done.

      · 8 months ago
    • Katie


      Great to work with and did a wonderful job on the painting. Definitely recommend to others.

      · over a year ago
    • Raine


      It was a pleasure to have Gavan provide a quote. He was clearly knowledgable and extremely experienced. Did a good job in a short time frame.

      · over a year ago
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  • Sergi Semenov Logo

    Sergi Semenov

    Dulux Accredited

    St Kilda East, VIC
    • Bernie


      very reliable and friendly. Very accommodating. Did a great job in the timeline.

      · over a year ago
    • Lynne


      Gave competitive price. Has always arrived when he said he would. Communicates well throughout the job. Very reliable.

      · over a year ago
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  • JJS Property Services Logo

    JJS Property Services

    Park Orchards, VIC
    • Bronwyn


      Excellent job done in a pleasant and diligent manner.

      · over a year ago
    • Tom


      Good Service, thanks for your help

      · over a year ago
    • Orpheus


      Excellent service from John and great price & paint job.

      · over a year ago
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    We can fix cracks, repair problems, fix peeling paint, stain, paint, texture paint, repair doors and

    Stanhope Gardens, NSW
    • Vanessa


      We were so happy with this job from beginning to end. Boris was always very reliable. He came in with the best quote. His workers were pleasant and Boris did not leave the job until we were happy with everything. The estimated time fame was only out by a day because of rain. There is no question...

      · over a year ago
    • Michael


      Excellent, great job, on time and budget, nice people who do what they say they will do.

      · over a year ago
    • Jonathan


      Very professional on time and quality paint, and totally responsive to us as clients

      · over a year ago
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  • Rebuild Tiling Logo

    Rebuild Tiling

    "Quality is our Top Priority"

    Doveton, VIC
    • Gary


      Difficult job, good quality. Recommended

      · over a year ago
    • Irina


      Very good quality, accurate, clean, job was completed fast. will defenatly use him again

      · over a year ago
    • joe


      Very pleased with their workmanship, 10 out of 10, These guys are good, nothing is to much of a problem , work with you, Good prices and excellent finishes

      · over a year ago
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    Pricing Guides for Tradespeople

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  • Painting price: Costs for painting your home

    Painting price: Costs for painting your home

    When hiring a quality painter, paint and supplies make up about 15-25% of the cost, while the rest goes towards labour. Painting is very labour intensive and requires patience and care - so you won't want to hire just any person who can hold a brush! How much does it cost?

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  • 33 Autumn-Inspired Interiors

    33 Autumn-Inspired Interiors

    It’s common knowledge that realtors love to sell up this season - the cacophony of glorious autumn shades make for a nice back drop to marketing a property. But there’s no reason you can’t harness this landscaping style for use in your very own home. Autumn shades make for an atmospheric addition to the modern living space. Here are 33 interiors which use timber, nature-inspired motifs and a warm palette to highlight the best of the season. Want more? Try this lookbook of autumnal paint shades for the home.

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  • Perfect Paint Shades For Autumn

    Perfect Paint Shades For Autumn

    It’s no secret autumn is the most popular time of year for anyone looking to sell - after all, beautiful foliage can disguise all manner of sins! But autumn hues are also a classic look for inside the home. A careful mix of greens, browns, reds and oranges can make even the most sterile of spaces feel warm and homey. Here are 23 sleek autumn-inspired interiors which use colour to their advantage.

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  • 3 Household Jobs For The Autumn

    3 Household Jobs For The Autumn

    With the long days on the way out, and the temperatures dropping each week, it’s time to start thinking about household maintenance for the new season. But how is this different to spring cleaning? Here are three simple homekeeping tasks to get you started.

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  • Hot Painting Trends For 2016

    Hot Painting Trends For 2016

    What’s on the radar of interior designers this coming year? Paint giant Dulux has released their prediction for the hottest shade of 2016 - ‘Cherished Gold’. This warm, earthy shade is a perfectly understated addition to a home and fits into their overall theme of retro-inspired Design Age. Here’s 8 classic examples of the hue in action.

    by Ingrid Schreiber · Leave a Comment


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