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How Service Central works

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How Service Central works

For a great overview of how Service Central works, read our How it Works page.

Posting a job with Service Central is easy

First things first is always to decide what you want done, and to define the scope of your job. Some are simple eg clean the carpets, but some can get more complex. Do you want the pergola done at the same time as the shade sails? Planning to do the paving as well as the planting? Get some more information about your topic by reading our library articles here.

Tips to posting a great job

The key to a well posted job is detail - think about the questions you'd be asked if you called someone up directly, and include everything you can think of. Avoid the common job posting mistakes and you should receive the fastest and best match to quality businesses.

One of our first time users has given you some advice as well.

Receiving responses

This part is pretty simple - businesses that are interested in filling one of your quote requests will contact you. Depending on the job, you'll either arrange a quote on site, or get a telephone quote.

If you accept the first quote you receive and don't want any more, you can also cancel or close the job online.

Once you have met or talked with the businesses it is up to you to decide who is right for your job. You can view profiles of each of our providers on the website as well as consumer feedback and star ratings to help you make the right decision.

If it goes a bit wrong

If one of the businesses that respond can't actually give you a quote, you can replace their quote by blacklist the business from accepting your job again, and relist the job. Remember to blacklist any other providers who have already responded to the job too, as they could accept the new job by mistake.

We encourage feedback from all of our customers, and as part of this feedback you're also able to send a message to the business to remind them to contact you if they haven't contacted you within 24 hours of accepting your job. Remember to check and change your contact details, in case that's the cause of the problem!

Share your experience with others

As you can see, feedback is critical to the Service Central experience. high quality standards.