Timber flooring price: How much does a wooden floor cost to install?

For many years home owners have chosen wooden flooring to give their home's warmth and charm without forsaking durability. Today there are loads of options for all budgets - laminates that just look like wood, engineered 'floating' wood floors that have a layer of wood veneer over cheaper materials, or completely solid wooden boards. Other types also include bamboo and cork.

Call out fees for timber flooring installers

Call out fees are non-existent and quote fees are rare.

What is a timber flooring installer's hourly rate?

Generally a timber flooring installer will quote for the full job based on the square meterage, and there could be extra costs (see below). However, if you purchase the materials yourself and hire an installer only to complete the job then it's possible that your installer will charge anything from $25 per hour to $50.

A medium sized lounge and family room with some hallway will be around 40 square metres, and materials will be calculated based on the square meterage of what you need. This price (if you buy directly from a hardware store) will include only the flooring and not include the installation or materials needed to install (usually).

Materials will vary depending on the type of timber flooring you want the cost is usually between $15 and $150 per square meter. That's not terribly useful but it's a good idea to get quotes for various types of timber flooring as well as different thicknesses and lengths. There are also more cost effective options like carpet or vinyl.

Where could there be extra costs?

There can be extra charges for:

  • furniture removal and replacement (and sometimes storage if there is no space to move it!)
  • ripping out of old flooring material and removal of rubbish
  • repairing or replacing a damaged subfloor
  • removing and then re-hanging doors (rare).


Laminate wood flooring is a relatively new (about 20 years in existence) but very popular option - it is the fastest growing segment of the Flooring industry. Quality laminate is very realistic and difficult to tell the difference between it and solid timber floors. Some laminate floors even give you that great 'floorboard' sound as you walk on them. Read more about Laminate flooring here.

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  • When we have done renovations to install timber flooring in apartments for our clients, we have double checked with the body corporate and they usually have a requirement to use acoustic (sound insulation) underlay instead of the standard foam stuff. Most flooring outlets will be able to give you an indication of the price of that type of underlay.

    over a year ago by Heated timber floors
  • to install 53sq metres of flooring.
    to remove existing ceramic tiles
    to remove all skirting
    supply and fix

    over a year ago by Foaad Abdurahman
  • Yes...laminated flooring is a new trend among the people. It is harder & shiny and you cannot find any difference as such at a first impression.

    over a year ago by Floor Sanding and Polishi
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