Great New Year’s Resolutions For The Home

We’re all familiar with January’s optimistic tradition of buying gym memberships, quitting smoking and finally writing a bestseller - but what about the ways your home could improve in the new year? Here are some new habits to boost the value and livability of your property.

1. Give the climate control a break

With the recent technological advances in heating and cooling, it can be very tempting to just flick a switch whenever you’re feeling slightly uncomfortable. Yet, don’t forget there are lots of old-fashioned ways to get your body temperature back in check - there was indeed a world before reverse-cycle air conditioning! Cool yourself down in summer with icy snacks, manual fans, lightweight materials and a strategic window breeze; in winter, reach for a jumper before the heater. Your bank balance and the environment will thank you for it.

2. Organise your basic storage

Investing in a simple drawer divider at the start of the year may just be the best buck you’ll ever spend. How many hours a year do we waste rummaging through paperclips and old bits of string to locate that elusive holepunch or stapler? Keep your “miscellaneous” storage space in order with bags, boxes or dividers and say goodbye to those wasted hours.

3. Don’t put off cleaning

Prevention is better than cure and being proactive about the dust and mould in your home can ultimately ease the workload you’ll have to put in. Make sure your ventilation system, particularly in the bathroom and the kitchen, is working smoothly. Likewise, check that your filters on any heating or cooling system are clean and dust-free. Washing your linen regularly and investing in an air purifier or humidifier are also good ways to minimise dust indoors.




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