Carpet Cleaning - Worth The Fuss?

We probably should all have our carpets cleaned more regularly than we do. It’s a bit like car maintenance and keeping vigilant about teeth-brushing - something which is all too easily avoided. But is it always worth bringing in a professional cleaner?

Having your carpets professionally cleaned delivers outstanding results, but it can be a real inconvenience on a household, both financially and because the affected areas may take days to properly dry. However, renting machines to use yourself more often than not worsens stains and soddens carpets - so it’s not a service which can be easily dismissed. Here are a few cases where professional cleaning services are absolutely worth every cent.

If you have allergies

Semi-regular vacuuming won’t necessarily be enough to rid your home of common allergens, especially if you have indoor pets. Carpets are a breeding ground for dust, pollen and mould which often stubbornly cling to their habitat against your best efforts. Particular in this time of year, when people are more regularly staying indoors, allergies can be worsened by rising cases of the common cold, the flu and hayfever. If ensuring top air quality for your home is important for you, a professional may be the only option.


If your carpet is unusual

If you’ve installed an unusual or particularly expensive material, such as something coloured and woven, don’t take risks when it comes to the appearance or longevity of your carpet. High-quality wool can be damaged by too much moisture, so you want someone experienced to be handling the cleaning process. Besides which, professional cleaning will remove the subtler signs of wear and age and extend the lifespan of your product.


If you’re anxious to get rid of a particular stain

Unfortunately, life is all-too-full of vibrantly-coloured substances. If you’ve achieved little by toiling over a red wine stain or some unknown fluid left by a child, it may be worth it getting a professional opinion. Incorrect use of DIY carpet cleaners has a tendency to make stains worse.


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