Concreting price: How much does concreting cost?

Estimating the cost of your concreting job can be relatively simple provided you know what you want and how much!.

What is a concreter's call out or quote fee?

Call out fees are pretty much non-existent but occasionally a concreter might charge for a quote.

What is a concreter's hourly rate?

A concreter will rarely quote an hourly rate but will usually charge based on square meters which includes both the cost of the materials, a standard fee for the job (including transport of machinery to the site) and the cost of labour. Removal of old concrete or site clearing will usually be quoted for over and above the cost of the new driveway, path or slab.

Concreters buy concrete for your job by the cubic metre, so they'll calculate the volume needed when they quote your job. Your concreter will establish the length and width of the area to be concreted and they'll calculate the volume based on the minimum thicknesses for each type of job:

  • Paths: 75mm thick.
  • Driveways: 100mm thick.
  • Garage floors: 125mm thick.

An estimate of standard square metre charges by concreters are:

  • Plain concrete: $55-$73 per square metre.
  • Coloured concrete: $63-$87 per square metre.
  • Slate impression: $72+ per square metre
  • Stenciled finish: $82+ per square metre.

Where could there be extra costs?

Curves, slopes, odd shapes etc will increase the price, as will any choices you wish to make that might involve patterns or different types of concrete. Remember to factor in the cost of clearing the site in your DIY plans or make sure it's included in the cost as old concrete can be expensive to remove.


  • Paths are cheaper than driveways but smaller jobs aren't always cheaper as there is a high cost to getting materials and machinery to your site.
  • Concrete usually lasts 30 to 50 years so although it may be more expensive than gravel it will last longer with lower maintenance.
  • You can usually negotiate a better price if you and your neighbours have concreting done at the same time, because the cost of moving machinery is reduced over the jobs.

To get quotes for your specific job or to find about options, post your job today - you'll get responses from quality businesses who want to do your job!

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  • Hi,

    I would like prices on concreting my back garden. It is 25 meter square and have dug the ground down by 100mm and is level. It will need a slight slope due to rainfall. I also would like to get a stencil paint. I live the Brisbane area.

    If you could give me a price inclusive of everything including materials, paint and labour that would be great. Thanks

    over a year ago by Harriet
  • Just got 3 quotes through service central - 14 sqm at 100mm thick quotes from $2000-over $3000 - well above what is stated here !!!!!!

    over a year ago by david Northeast
  • Hi David, were there any circumstances that would add to the standard concreting costs on your job? Was there any excavation or ground work required? Did the concreting require re-enforcement? Also, what was being concreted? 14 sqm seems on the smaller side, was it a driveway or a path? Or was it in part of the home that is hard to access?

    over a year ago by Danial @ Service Central
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