Cool Concrete: 11 DIY Concrete Projects

I'll admit, I'm a little bit obsessed with concrete. Maybe it's the subtle shades of soft grey, or maybe it's the raw natural beauty of this liquid turned solid. Whatever it is, I think you'll be obsessed with concrete too once you check out these 11 cool DIY concrete projects...

1. DIY Concrete Hanging Planter

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This sweet hanging planter ticks all the boxes, blending the solidity of concrete with the softness of rope and leaves. And I reckon it would be pretty easy to DIY, what do you think? Merry Thought has the full details.

2. DIY Concrete Lace Candle Votives

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The delicacy of lace contrasts with the concrete to make a striking candle holder. So put all your old lace to good use with a modern concrete candle holder. Get the full instructions here

3. DIY Concrete Drink Cooler

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Want a classy way to keep your drinks cool? Check out this creation from Homemade Modern. Stylish and practical, what more could you want?

4. DIY Concrete City Candle Holders

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Drag yourself away from SimCity and create your own little concrete city. Perfect for a cute centrepiece or decoration these candle holders can add a bit of fun to any room.

5. DIY Concrete Hanging Lamp

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Believe it or not, this hanging lamp is DIYed from an old soft-drink bottle! Get the full instructions, here!

6. DIY Concrete Ornaments

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When christmas time rolls around, why not DIY some cute new ornaments. It's amazing what you can create with some cheap cookie cutters and a bag of cement.

7. DIY Concrete Pencil Holder

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Keep yourself organised with this concrete pencil holder. It's easy to make, just follow the directions on Trend Hunter

8. DIY Concrete Stool

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Another great project from Homemade Modern. This three legged stool is simple to make, will cost less than $10 and looks amazing in a range of spaces. Whip up some extra seating in a flash!

9. DIY Concrete Tablecloth Weights

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A simple but effective design for concrete tablecloth weights. Get the full instructions here

10. Cute DIY Candle Holders

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Concrete works really well when you highlight its previously liquid state. We tend to forget that it's a very liquid material before it sets! These cute candle holders can be made in zippy bags, and they look incredible! Learn how to make them here.

11. DIY Keyholder

What a freaking adorable way to keep your keys orgnaised! Get the rundown here.

And remember, if you ever need help with your DIY projects, Service Central is there!

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