Carpeting price: How much does installing carpets cost?

How much does carpet laying cost and what can make it more or less expensive?

What is a carpet installer's call out fee?

A carpet layer will almost never charge a call out fee, or a quote fee. Working out how much a job will cost is usually simple and predictable.

What is a carpet installer's hourly rate?

A carpet layer will not charge per hour but usually charges per square metre. Installation and materials will usually start around $20 per square metre for a cheap carpet and $40 per square metre for a more expensive one.

Where could there be extra costs?

Disposing of the old carpet can add to the cost, but other extra costs generally come from your carpet choices up front. Strangely shaped rooms can cost a bit more for both extra carpet and potentially trickier carpet laying. Stairs can be carpeted but are more expensive per square metre.

Products or materials cost?

The least expensive material is polypropylene, also called polyethylene or olefin. Acrylic carpet is also fairly low-priced. Your mid-grade and cost carpets are usually polyester or nylon. At the top end, wool is often the most expensive choice, and a few high-end products include silk or linen. Here are some tips for choosing the right carpet.

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  • Need a quote for laying the carpets. The carpet and underlay will be supplied. A fairly big job requiring a good job. The carpets need laying plan and the layout with joining methods need to be specified in quote

    over a year ago by Ganga
  • Hi Ganga, the easiest way to get carpet laying quotes is to post your job request with Service Central. Simply fill in the Get Quotes form on the top right of the website and local carpet layers will give you a call with their pricing.

    over a year ago by danial_ahchow
  • Hi I have 45.40 metres of carpets to be done how much is it

    over a year ago by Hope
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