Carpentry prices: Costs for carpentry work

Carpentry jobs can vary from large to small - building a deck or houseframe to installing a hand rail or refitting a wooden window. How much can you expect to pay for this work?

What is a carpenter's call out fee?

Some carpenters may charge to quote, but this would not be a call out fee. If a customer is charged for a quote, this would normally be taken off any charges to complete the carpentry work.

What is a carpenter's hourly rate?

$36-$52 an hour. Some carpenters will charge per job, for example $3000 for a patio, but most will be on an hourly basis.

Where could there be extra costs?

Smaller jobs could cost a little more per hour than big jobs. Why?You'll also find that some projects also require additional services from other businesses like scaffolding or earth moving, but your carpenter will usually include these services in their quote.

Products or materials cost?

Most carpenters prefer to purchase their own materials as they can ensure the quality they will be working with. These materials will either be included in the lump sum quoted or itemised at cost on the invoice. Most carpentry jobs involve some wastage of materials and you should discuss with your carpenter whether he removes the extra 'leftovers' or leaves them for you to keep. Usually these amounts are not significant.

Confused about which kind of tradesperson to hire?

Check out our articles to help you below. If you're curious about the difference between a carpenter and a handyman, so are we! Effectively, a carpenter is a trained trades professional whereas a handyman has carpentry skills.

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Now that you have a better idea on what your job could cost, get specific quotes from quality, licensed businesses byposting a job here.

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