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  • Fabric Creations Logo

    Fabric Creations

    Curtains Blinds Awnings Shutters

    Cheltenham, VIC
    • Mandee


      Excellent service, competitively priced, polite, very happy with blinds.

      · over a year ago
    • Lina


      They were great, would definitely use them again.

      · over a year ago
    • Dana


      Fabric creations provided a quick, efficient and good quality service. The quote was given within days, the price was very affordable and the quality of the work and product are fantastic.

      · over a year ago
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  • Dearne Herrenberg Logo

    Dearne Herrenberg

    Dearne Herrenberg Interiors - Contemporary Urban Space

    Balaclava, VIC
  • Dion Designs Australia Pty Ltd Logo

    Dion Designs Australia Pty Ltd

    Doncaster East, VIC


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  • The Art Nouveau Revival

    The Art Nouveau Revival

    Looking to give your home that artistic edge? Art Nouveau may just be the answer. Contemporary interior design owes a lot to this classic style. In fact, it remains one of the most important inspirations legacies for the shapes and features of modern furniture. Thanks to the widespread popularity of the designs, you don’t have to spend a fortune on vintage lamps or antique mirrors to incorporate a little old-world elegance into your home. Here are 22 gorgeous examples of interior architecture and decoration which capture this sophisticated look.

    by Ingrid Schreiber · Leave a Comment
  • What A Difference Fresh Flowers Can Make

    What A Difference Fresh Flowers Can Make

    Looking to breathe fresh life into your home but don’t have the time or budget for a big renovation? Sometimes the littlest of things can have a substantial impact - and floral bouquets top the list, regardless of the interior aesthetic you’ve already cultivated. From tulips to roses and even native banksia displays, housing a bit of greenery in your home has a positive effect on the atmosphere. Feng shui argues their transient nature keeps your home fresh and in tune with nature. Not convinced? Here are 25 living spaces made lively by their floral inhabitants.

    by Ingrid Schreiber · Leave a Comment
  • 33 Autumn-Inspired Interiors

    33 Autumn-Inspired Interiors

    It’s common knowledge that realtors love to sell up this season - the cacophony of glorious autumn shades make for a nice back drop to marketing a property. But there’s no reason you can’t harness this landscaping style for use in your very own home. Autumn shades make for an atmospheric addition to the modern living space. Here are 33 interiors which use timber, nature-inspired motifs and a warm palette to highlight the best of the season. Want more? Try this lookbook of autumnal paint shades for the home.

    by Ingrid Schreiber · Leave a Comment
  • 9 Homes Rocking Their Antique Wallpaper

    9 Homes Rocking Their Antique Wallpaper

    The wallpaper of yesteryear is far from absent in today’s modern aesthetic. In fact, reclaiming vintage wallpaper has never been more in fashion - whether it’s in furniture design, features walls or art installation pieces, traditional motifs are a great way to add a bit of flair to the somewhat bland look of contemporary minimalism. Here are a few houses that have got that balance just right.

    by Ingrid Schreiber · Leave a Comment


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  • 35 Truly Horendous Home Decor Ideas

    35 Truly Horendous Home Decor Ideas

    Ever feel like you're a bit too stylish for your own good? Intimidating friends with your effortless vignettes, balanced compositions and ahead of the pack colour choices? Even if you're not so confident you'll feel pretty good once you compare your house to these 35 examples of truly awful home decor disasters...

    by Brodie Norris · Leave a Comment
  • When A House Isn’t A House

    When A House Isn’t A House

    We all like to have a house that feels like a home - and this is usually achieved by adding a bit of personal clutter and/or a cat. But some people take it that much further, by constructing homes which don’t even vaguely resemble your average house! Whether unusually shaped or built from unusual materials, it’s hard not to wonder how quickly you’d grow sick of the novelty and find yourself wishing for a good ole cosy four walls. Until then - here’s 5 spectacularly creative and peculiar homes to satisfy that curiosity.

    by Ingrid Schreiber · Leave a Comment
  • What Makes A House A Home?

    What Makes A House A Home?

    Sure, you’ve just got the kitchen re-done and the bathroom re-tiled. But sometimes the best way to rejuvenate your home is in the smaller things. Personalising your living spaces can be as simple as a few pieces of artwork and as complex as designing mosaics for your splashbacks or colour-coding the entire interior. Here are ten simple ways you can make a space your own - minimal fuss, maximum result.

    by Ingrid Schreiber · Leave a Comment
  • Article

    Funky Pumpkin Carving

    This halloween why not give pumpkin carving a go? Here are some fun (if a bit whacky) samples to give you some pumpkin carving inspiration!

    by Friday Funnies · Leave a Comment
  • Time to Enjoy a Healthy Dose of Design Snark...

    Time to Enjoy a Healthy Dose of Design Snark...

    Have you ever looked at a picture in a home design magazine and thought, "No one lives like that". Well, I've seen a number of these architectural and interior shoots and you know what? You're absolutely right! Much to the joy of the internet, there are some snarky websites which take great pleasure pointing out these oftentimes bizarre staged homes that don't. quite. feel. right…

    by Brodie Norris · Leave a Comment
  • A House Within A House: Houseception

    A House Within A House: Houseception

    There’s strange architecture - and then there’s the stuff that leaves you wondering how it ever got past the drawing board! Surrealist architecture may be old hat but there’s still plenty to feast your eyes upon when it comes to strange and bizarre residential blocks. Sometimes one house just isn’t enough..

    by Ingrid Schreiber · Leave a Comment

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