Happy to mend when there's not much to spend.

My father was a builder who taught me the tricks of the trade but I decided to work in the advertising industry. I ran my own design business, and during this time I renovated a few properties which was financially rewarding, and I also found the process more enjoyable than my chosen profession as a designer. So I have been on the tools full time for the past 8 years. I have the presentation and liason skills of a business professional as well as the established skills of an all round trades person.

I have recently qualified for the Victorian Energy Saving Incentive. This allows you to subsidise the replacement of your halogen downlights with dimable LED globes. You only pay for the globes and I will install them free of charge. These last for an average of 30 years and use only 20% of the amount of power for the same amount of light. Call for more information.

Whether it's working for a large company, council or private customer, Iconic Direct delivers an efficient service with attention to detail.



Referees. Julian Donlen, City of Port Phillip, Department of Sustainability. 9209 6690

Paul Jones, Alliance Relocations, Managing Director. 9326 4500

Bruce Easton, Ecovantage Pty Ltd, Director. 9645 7243

  Responded quickly. Completed job to high standard.  

Nicole, July 2016
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