Provider Guide: How to find and win new customers with Service Central.

What is Service Central?

Service Central is a small family run business that uses smart technology and superb marketing to generate and deliver jobs for you to win. We're the first in this space, and the market leaders!

You've done the right thing by joining Service Central and getting on board to source work in a different space than your traditional advertising avenues!

How this guide works

In this guide, you'll get the basics on how to use your Service Central membership, and how to Get Started. Once you've been using your membership for a while, you'll be ready to dig a little deeper and Get More to maximise the value of your membership. Then, we give you some support in how to Give Back to the community.

Email support and online help

Service Central is an internet business - we're always there for you, but your membership fees are calculated with the knowledge that you have a host of super tools to use online, plus a really helpful guide to get you started and comprehensive FAQ's that you can search and find immediate answers to your questions.

Who is the Service Central team?

Started by Danial and Bruce Ahchow, a father and son team, they've cherry picked the best of the best minds in the business. Paul and Cam do all things technical, and Pauline makes the website pretty and simple. Tanya and Liz works with people and communications, and Tim counts the beans. Then of course we have our Account Managers who you'll already know!

Who thought of this crazy internet thing anyway?

The internet was thought up a long time ago over a large amount of beer. Who would have thought it would change our lives this much? Bruce and Dan started the business idea in 2002 and launched the first online services marketplace in July 2005. They did it because it was near impossible to find good tradespeople through the Yellow Pages - the good ones were always too busy, and you could never tell who the good ones were except if you'd gotten their name from a friend...

Today's consumers simply won't accept trawling through the standard classified adverts, and we all know what the best advertising is! Word of mouth. And so Service Central was born: Word of mouth - technologified!

Service Central set about creating a marketplace online where customers would flock to - they can trust that the businesses they are connected to on Service Central are high quality. Plus, they can see feedback from previous customers which is exactly what they'd get when their friends recommend a business!

How technical do I need to be to use Service Central?

It depends!

As a Premium member, you can use Service Central just fine with your mobile phone and occasionally sitting down in front of the PC to do some admin and update your details, or to get some help.

But Service Central is an online business, and we've put lots and lots of tools online for you to use. We didn't do this just for fun - it's because these tools are really valuable and help you to get more out of your Service Central membership, 24 hours a day. As a Premium member you also have access to the Open Jobs board, so you can prospect new areas and pick up some extra work when you need it.

As a Jobs Board member, you'll need to be checking the Jobs Board regularly for new work so you'll need to have the tools that give you access to the internet regularly. It's worth investing in a cheap netbook or a mobile phone that lets you surf the web as well so that you're always connected.

Outside of Service Central, you'll find that more and more of your customers are demanding that you communicate electronically with them via email, and the pressure to have an online presence will only be increased as your customers begin to expect more.