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  • Why Balconies Are The Bomb

    Why Balconies Are The Bomb

    We all love a nice verandah - especially when it comes attached to a beautiful Melbourne townhouse - but balconies can be equally impressive. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we only need take a leaf out of Romeo’s book to understand what a difference a balcony can make! They offer an oasis of outdoor living to those in apartment units and in many parts of the world are an important decorative element in the facade of a home. Here are 16 wonderfully whimsical to start your February.

    by Ingrid Schreiber · Leave a Comment
  • 13 Stunning Garden Paths

    13 Stunning Garden Paths

    A beautiful backyard doesn’t have to equal a budget blowout - in fact, sometime the most practical of features can add significant value and appeal to your garden. Pavers are a long-time favourite for garden paths because of their versatility and weather endurance. Whether stone, brick or something entirely different, they can also provide an aesthetic focal point for your outdoor space. Here are a few stunning examples of how walkways can complement your home.

    by Ingrid Schreiber · Leave a Comment
  • 20 Idyllic Summer Courtyards

    20 Idyllic Summer Courtyards

    Blessed as we are with the relentless hot sun of Down Under, sometimes all you want to do is enjoy a day in the fresh air without also copping a sunburn. Interior courtyards are a common feature across Mediterranean Europe and parts of Asia and are a great way for a property to harness the best of good weather. If you’re dreaming of an escape from your wintery blues, take a squiz at these gorgeous courtyard oases.

    by Ingrid Schreiber · Leave a Comment
  • 26 Beautiful Verandahs

    26 Beautiful Verandahs

    They’re a staple of the Aussie landscape - whether adorning the lacy Victorian streetfronts of Melbourne or providing the eye candy for a night of backyard alfresco dining, patios are here to stay. Filigree verandahs are a legacy from colonial Australia, when the old architectural styles of Europe met with the hot Australian sun and realised something had to be done for inhabitants to live an outdoor lifestyle without risking too much sunburn or - in the case of tropical Queensland - drowning in a downpour. From country estates to modern townhouses, here are 26 stunning interpretations of this wrought-iron tradition.

    by Ingrid Schreiber · Leave a Comment


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  • Get The Best of Summer Living

    Get The Best of Summer Living

    With temperatures soaring across the country, Australia is well-and-truly getting stuck into “those summer nightz” - to quote John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. And we’ve seen federal politics heating up as well - with plenty of people drawing parallels with HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones. So here is your definitive guide to this season’s home improvement - a summer night wouldn’t be complete without the royal family of home remodels and outdoor living!

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