What Commercial Services are available through Service Central?

So what commercial services are available through Service Central?
Service Central has a comprehensive network of thousands of businesses throughout Australia. Each business has been quality approved by the Service Central team to ensure that they are properly registered, qualified and insured.

Service Central has a full suite of tradespeople ready to take on commercial work. These range from Builders and Shopfitters available to help set up new commercial premises, to electricians painters and plumbers to add those last minute touches that the new office, shop or factory needs. You name the trade, Service Central has qualified tradespeople available to help.

Commercial Services

Moving into new commercial premises
For businesses moving into new premises, Service Central has a comprehensive range of commercial services that may be of interest.

For someone moving into a new commercial property they may be interested in our services including:

More Commercial Services

Service Central's comprehensive list of Commercial Services doesn't stop at moving in. In fact moving in is just the start! Nearly every commercial service conceivable is also available through Service Central.

These services include:

As you can see, the list of commercial services available is quite comprehensive. As the easy way to find trades & services the easiest way for businesses moving into new premises to find all of the new services that they require.

All that needs to be done is to post a series of jobs with Service Central specifying the services that are required. Service Central will take it from there.

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