User Case: Why Builders and Developers love using Service Central to find services

Building is a complex role that requires bringing together and coordinating a range of highly skilled tradespeople and property service providers. Service Central is a valuable tool for builders and property developers as it simplifies the task of identifying and finding the right people for a building project.

Service Central provides a free service to builders and property developers that finds quality local tradespeople and property services. With a simple call to Service Central’s call centre on 1800 SERVICE (1800 737 842), or dialing their local Service Central representative directly, builders and developers can request the services that they require and have the right people for the job contacting them and competing for the work. In using Service Central they can trust that each business that contacts them is properly qualified and insured for the work that they undertake. Furthermore, the builder has complete transparency in the entire process, including seeing detailed reviews from people who have used these same local businesses in the past.

Builders and property developers like to use Service Central to source their subcontractors, tradespeople and property professionals. Whilst many builders and developers already have a good network of people that they draw upon to complete their building project, it is common for a builder to need to constantly connect with new people as their needs change.

Some of the reasons why Builders and property developers turn to Service Central to supplement their network of trusted suppliers include when:

  • Their preferred subcontractors may be unavailable at a time that suits
  • The quality that they are receiving from an existing supplier is not up to scratch
  • They need more people so that they can get the project finished faster
  • They would like to confirm that they are getting the best value from their subcontractors and property professionals.
  • They need urgent help in the case of an emergency.
  • They need to find very specific or hard to find services.
  • They want to ensure that all of their subcontractors and suppliers are properly qualified and insured for the work that they undertake.
  • They want to ensure that they are hiring genuinely independent contractors, and are not likely to be deemed to be employees of the builder.
  • There are no commissions payable as Service Central isn’t a Broker.
  • Service Central isn’t a labour hire company.
  • Its a free service for builders and property developers seeking services.

As they go through their building project, builders and property developers use a broad variety of services. Of the 120 services that are currently available through Service Central, builders and developers have used us to find services such as:

If you are a builder or a property developer and require particular services to help you complete your project, simply contact Service Central to discuss your needs and your local representative will help you find the right local people for your project.

If instead, you prefer to make your quote request directly online, all you have to do is head to the Request Quotes page and you can start the process straight away.

Thank you for your time. The team at Service Central looks forward to being of service to you.

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