Recap: How Service Central got to 300,000 jobs

As the jobs counter at Service Central ticks over to the 300,000 mark we take a look at everything that has been done to get us there. We would like to thank everyone that helped us build up this phenomenal amount of work and distribute it to the pre-qualified businesses that are registered with Service Central.

On our journey towards 300,000 jobs we have worked with and supported a diverse range of people and organisations as they look to find and hire local service providers to complete their tasks and projects. This ranged from Big Business and Government Departments that hooked into Service Central’s big national network of quality local businesses, to builders and property managers needing access to quality local tradespeople, to householders that needed even the most basic of services such as locksmiths and treadmill repairs. You name it, over the years Service Central has found it!

Consumers and businesses alike have used a broad variety of channels to contact Service Central and post their job requests. These include our:

  • 24 hour hour call centre by calling 1800 SERVICE (1800 737 842)
  • Main website:
  • Mobile website for smartphones like iPhones and Android:
  • Commercial Works solutions such as SupplierXchange and Eaco that have been developed for Insurance Claims Management, Property Managers, Facility Managers, etc.
  • Local commercial account managers visiting and developing relationships with local builders, property managers and real estate agents.
  • Hundreds of niche websites such as and
  • Alliances with industry associations, utilities, retailers and e-tailors.

From a pure marketing perspective, each of these channels has been supported by a variety of above the line, online and direct marketing efforts. Service Central’s marketing efforts have included:

As much as we’d like to think that reaching 300,000 jobs was a pure marketing and customer service effort, the weather has kept us very busy over the years. Thanks to our custom built commercial works management and insurance claims system, we worked closely with major insurance companies and insurance builders to work through all of the claims that were created by the catastrophes of the Melbourne Hailstorm and the Brisbane Floods. Hot summer days and freezing winter nights also keep us super busy as householders head to Service Central’s website in droves to get their heating and air-conditioning fixed or new ones installed.

Service Central’s commercial works system has also been put to good use by Government Departments, Facility Management Companies, Retailers and E-Tailors, that are in need of a national network of tradespeople and service providers that have all been pre-qualified to each organisations specific criteria and inducted into each organisations own tailor built network of service providers. These commercial works clients have also been very impressed with Service Central’s commercial works management platform that automatically distributes the work out to the relevant pre-qualified service providers and tracks the progress of each work order providing management and staff with detailed reporting and amazing transparency into the entire process.

Builders, Property Managers and Real Estate Agents have also found that Service Central is a fantastic free resource for quickly and easily finding quality local tradespeople, subcontractors and property services. Every day we see jobs coming in from people undertaking new projects that need to top up their network of trusted suppliers with new people and or new types of services. Its amazing how easy Service Central can make it to get hard to find niche services such as waterproofing, asbestos removal, window tinting and ducted vacuum systems.

Service Central is also extremely popular with home owners who come to us at times of change. They might be moving home, renovating or extending their home, or in an emergency such as a burst water pipe. No matter what the scenario, we’ve been helping home owners find the right local business for their needs over years. We’ve found that not only do home owners love how quick and easy Service Central makes it to find businesses interested in doing their work, they also really appreciate the efforts that Service Central goes to in ensuring that each of the local businesses can be trusted.

By bringing together all of these different types of customers and broad variety of user cases, Service Central has been able to provide a constant flow of work to the businesses registered with us. This has been a solid combination of consumer, business and government work that provides the perfect mix of different types of customers for our members.

To give you an insight into the sheer scale of the work that Service Central has generated in reaching the 300,000 job mark. Here are some of the high level statistics. Service Central has produced:

At an average job value of over $3,000 to date there has been a total of $937 Million worth of work generated and distributed through Service Central.

We would like to thank you for supporting us over these years, and helping us bring this fantastic service to the people of Australia.

If you would like to get quotes for any services simply post your job request here. If you are a government or commercial organisation that would like to build up a network of quality tradespeople and service providers call us directly on 03 9090 9000.

If you’re a quality business and would like to speak to us about how to gain access to this work, call us on 1800 SERVICE (1800 737 842) or register your interest here.

Thank you once again for all of your support. We look forward to being of service for the next 300,000 jobs.

Best Regards,

The Service Central Team

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