Lighting Ideas You Can Steal For Your Home

Lighting design is too often neglected in homes. But that doesn't mean you can't steal some ideas from the pros to liven things up a bit (don't worry, we won't tell anyone). Check out some of these beautiful lighting options, and learn how you can get the look in your home:

This piece is by light artist Bruce Munro. Spectacular? Yes. Affordable? Not a chance. Don't worry, even if you can't afford to light your conservatory in this dramatic style, we have some ideas you can steal this style for your own home... 

First, some Bruce Munro eye-candy to get your light-juices flowing. (Juices. Eew):

See how much atmosphere and intrigue clever lighting can create? Now I promised ideas you can steal, so here you go:

If you don't have a conservatory, or a million dollar budget, here's a simple trick you could use to mimic Bruce's delicate, dangling buds of light. Only a pack of fake tea-lights, some cotton and romantic dusk setting required!

Image Source

Lampshade Lanterns

Here's a clever way to add some pizazz to your bog-standard outdoor lights. Just raid an Op Shop for their most colourful grandma lamps...

Image Source

Tumbleweed Pendant Light

Take a visit to a tiny country town on a dry, windy, summer day. You're bound to find the makings of one of these beautiful pendant lights. A light from Bunnings and a bit of spray paint, and voila!

Image Source

Glass Chandelier

If you have a naturally time-ravaged, exposed-brick corner like this, then lucky you! You could do just about anything to make this space look delightfully shabby chic. But we think this simple glass pendant chandelier was a good choice. One of Service Central's talented electricians could easily rig this up for you to make an inviting sitting space - even if you don't live in a converted warehouse.

Image Source

Wisk Pendant Lights

Is your breaky bar lighting making it difficult to scoop up your Cocoa Pops in the morning? What a difference some stylishly on-theme task lighting could make to your morning routine. Just grab five (or more) wisks from your local House (make sure they have a hollow handle) and one of our sparkies will be able to handle the rest. Don't suffer through breakfast in the dark.

Image Source

Stair Chandelier

You're probably not going to find a staircase this classy outside of central Paris. That said, any staircase void can benefit from a modern, full-height chandelier. This one is "price on request", which roughly translates to "out of the question". But lighting stores like Beacon Lighting have some more affordable options. It's also not ridiculous to have an electrician custom-make something like this for you. 

Image Source

Affordable Stair Chandelier

Or, check out this for a much more economical take on the same idea.

Image Source

Candle Chandelier

This is a very expensive candle light-sculpture, found exclusively in luxe hotel lobbies and the like. But, if you have a tree or pergola, fifty empty Vegemite jars, and some time on your hands, you could make something equally as beautiful. Remember to allow at least half an hour pre-soiree for lighting all those candles!

Image Source

Fairy Lights

Why pack away your Christmas lights in January when you could create a space for dreaming, like this? Just be sure not to wrap fairy lights around a bike you actually use. From experience, they get stuck in the spokes. 

Image Source

Colourful Glass Pendant Lights

These hand-blown glass pendant lights look spectacular. They're also pricey. But with a little ingenuity and a glass bit on your drill, you could turn some $2 K-Mart tumblers into your own DIY pendants... Just be sure to show us your works of art!  

Image Source

Electrical Cable Art

Why not create some hometown skyline art on your walls using the cord of a pendant light? We're pretty proud to see Melbourne shown off here. I guess Sydney would look OK, too. 

Image Source

Simple Pendant Lights

We've just witnessed a decade of uniform down lights in every room. But to add ambiance to a space and avoid your ceiling looking like a light-graveyard, focused, task-lighting is the direction you should head. These black pendant lights are affordable and look fantastic over the dining table.

Image Source

Stair Lighting

Do you keep falling up the stairs at night, spilling water all over yourself and taking the skin off your chin? Well, while you're nursing your superficial grazes, why not put the call out and get one of Service Central's carpenters or handymen to put some notches in your stair. Then an electrician can install some strip lights along the tread, just like this. You'll be able to navigate the steps at 2am and it'll look like there's a secret world hidden in the cupboard under the stairs.

Image Source

Decanter Pendant Lights

Did Grandma give you a crystal decanter for your 21st, but you don't drink hard liquor? Or perhaps the hard liquor keeps mysteriously disappearing when you leave it lying around in crystal jars... Either way, take that decanter (and a few extra from the Op Shop) and turn them into a stunning lighting display. To be fair, we've no idea what feat of engineering was required to get the light bulb into the decanter, but you're smart, you'll work it out.

Image Source

Let There Be Light

Remember to never try to do electrical work yourself. Apart from the obvious risks of death, electric shocks aren't fun. So it's best to leave it to the professional electricians. Service Central also has Lighting Professionals, so if you're serious about lightening up your life, get started here.

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Brodie Norris runs Lunchbox Architect, a website featuring one exceptional, architect-designed family home every weekday. Check out what's in the lunchbox today!

Good luck creating an atmospheric space using inventive lighting. Be sure to let us know in the comments if you've got any lighting tips of your own!

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