Left Wanting More, Mothers?


Sometimes a bouquet and some chocolates just don’t cut it - did your mother’s day contribution fall a little short this year? One thing none of us can get enough of is top-quality home improvement. Here are some of the most common fix-it jobs performed by handymen across Australia. Mum won’t know what hit her!


Although painting and plastering can often easily be undertaken as DIY work, the temporal cost of doing so, coupled with the sheer tedium, often means people would rather entrust the job to somebody else. A huge benefit to this choice is that handymen will usually have lots of experience in the more challenging aspects of a paint job, such as the detail around light switches.


Electrical services

Although most electrical work should be left to an electrician for safety reasons, handymen can perform a variety of low-risk tasks in this area; most commonly, appliance installations in the kitchen, repairing light fittings and replacing sockets.


Basic woodwork

A handyman putting up some shelves. It’s a cliche for a reason - furniture assembly is one of the most regularly requested tasks of a handyman. Making and repairing cupboards, sanding and painting furniture and adjusting door hinges also frequently come into play. Goodbye flat-pack furniture woes!


Leaky taps are perhaps the most common annoyance for Australian households. Luckily, such low-key work can easily be handled by a handyman. Repairing white goods, such as fridges, washing machines and dishwashers, often won't require the full expertise of a plumber. Likewise, caulking and grouting services can usually be performed by a handyman.


Security services

Testing and repairing smoke alarms are a task easily left to a handyman. Lock fitting is also a common request.

Outdoor maintenance

Cleaning, repairing or replacing guttering can be a tough call for your average homeowner to undertake alone - around this time of year, handymen get tonnes of requests for such work, along with requests for roof tile repairs. Fixing and sealing window frames and putting up minor fences are also popular.

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