29 Insanely Clever Kitchen Ideas

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The kitchen is the heart of most homes. So make sure you're getting the most out of it but adopting some of these ideas. We have no fewer than 29 insanely clever kitchen ideas to get you cooking with gas. And, honestly, if you don't do #16, there's something wrong with you:

1. Drawers in the End of Breakfast Bar

This is a simple but clever idea to keep your crockery and salad bowls close to both the kitchen and dining area. It looks great, and is super functional to boot.

2. Drawer Bin/Chopping Board Combo

The genius that came up with this idea deserves a medal! Integrate a chopping board, garbage shoot and rubbish bin into the one kitchen cabinet. Bound to make dinner time easier and more fun.

3. Sliding Pantry

The slide out pantry is growing in popularity because it makes it easy to access everything. Here's a way to convert your boring old fixed pantry into a functional sliding one! Just have a cabinet maker fix drawers into your existing pantry for and instant upgrade. You'll never have to pull everything out to get to the cereal again. 

4. Sliding Spice Rack

While we're on the sliding roll, here's a thin storage solution for spices and dried herbs. If you have a skinny space beside your fridge a cabinet maker could easily whip up a Rolls-Royce spice rack for you. Now you just need to explain to your teenage son why you no longer need his 'beautiful' hand-made spice rack.

5. Built in Functional Display Cabinet

Even a big jar of flour looks good with the right presentation. That's why this built in cabinet looks so fab. The beauty of this piece is that it's been planned from the beginning - even the cornice wraps around - so it's important to get a professional to help you with this one.

Image Source

6. Vegetable Drawers

What a great solution for onion and potato storage! If you've got potatoes coming out of your ears (because you can't restrain yourself at the farmer's market), don't worry. Take your underutilised drawers and give them a sense of purpose. Onions, potatoes, even bread can be safely tucked away in one of these clever hidey holes.

Image Source

7. Under-stove Spice Rack

There's always a little slither of space left under the cooktop. Fill it in with a convenient place to keep spices and measuring cups so they're always close-to-hand. 

8. Slide-out Cutlery Drawer

Brilliant. It actually doesn't make much sense to keep cutlery laying down in drawers. Now you can be as organised as an RSL and keep all your cutlery accessible in a thin space that might otherwise go to waste. That will free up an extra drawer for your new vegetable storage (see #6).

Image Source

9. (Cook) Book Shelf + Rolling Pin Display 

This kitchen cleverly integrates storage for a range of prized possessions. It's great to see that a collection of cookbooks gets a place to be shown off. And if you're the kind of person who has five vintage rolling pins, then you should definitely be presenting them nicely!

Image Source

10. Upcycled Herb Garden

Are you a tea tin collector who also dabbles in fresh herbs? Do we have a crafty solution for you! Even if you don't have a collection of cute tea tins, I've seen empty tomato or soup tins look equally as good. You can peel the label off and leave them outside for a few months and they'll get nice and rusty, perfect for a rustic window-sill herb garden.

Image Source

11. Slide Out Pot Rack

Forget clamoring around in the pan cupboard for the right sized vessel. This sliding hook system is the perfect solution.

12. Pasta/Rice/Coffee Dispensers

I think the picture says it all. Have all the essentials on hand and feel like you work at a wholesale market every evening.

Image Source

13. Ridiculously Amazing Storage for Everything, Ever

Right?! Don't worry, our cabinet makers are ready to make your storage dreams come true. So you'll have somewhere perfect to put everything, ever. 

Image Source

14. Measuring Cup Rack

Does measuring things to the nearest millimetre possess a sort of other-worldy importance for you? Here is an easy trick to satisfy the requirements of even the most anal cook.

Image Source

15. Herb Garden on Steroids

If you just really love the fresh taste of herbs, maybe a herb/hydroponics wall will approach satisfying your needs. And why not, green walls are very in right now. Just don't blame us if your home gets raided by the narcotics squad because of all the concentrated nutrient solution purchases on your credit card.

Image Source

16. The Most Amazing Kitchen Bench Ever

The person who made this kitchen bench just won life. Is this not the most amazing thing you've ever seen? The great news is that you can be as cool as this guy - all you need is $11,583 worth of Lego. It's probably worth giving the kids access to the coffee maker to help them get this finished before your next house party. And prepare to be crowned the king of kitchens...

Image Source

17. Inventive Lighting

Hopefully you saw our (too much fun) wisk lights featured a few weeks back. Well now there's a competitor for the kitchen's coolest light source. You can pick this blender creation up from Etsy. Or you can get an electrician to turn any disused kitchen appliance into a classy lighting feature.

Image Source

18. Outside the Box Benchtops

If you're short of preparation space in the kitchen, it's worthwhile considering some outside-the-box ideas to fill the void. Here, a simple side table has been given a butcher's benchtop makeover to make the perfect preparation space. A handyman could create one of these for you in no time...

Image Source

19. Stove-side Essentials

I'm not sure why the government is spending money on the baby bonus when they should be installing these in every household. Are you listening, Tony?

Image Source

20. A Place for Everything

... And everything in it's place. If you're planning a kitchen renovation, it really pays to do a stocktake of everything you already have, and come up with customised storage solutions for every item. It might sound over the top, but you'll thank yourself when your kitchen is neat and tidy with everything in the perfect place - including the wine.

Image Source

21. Combination of Concealed and Display Storage

Glassware and crockery are beautiful items. It's kind of a shame we always shove it in a cupboard for no one to see. This is a great example of combining display areas with cupboards where the less eye-pleasing items can be hidden.

Image Source

22. A Place for Pots and Pans

But on the subject of 'less eye-pleasing', even pots and pans can look incredible with the right presentation. The dark background of this storage nook makes the pots and pans look like an art-piece. We also approve of the flour and cereal display.

Image Source

23. Rethinking the Miscellaneous Drawer

Well this makes so much sense it's an outrage that we don't all do it! Instead of a cluttered drawers that you have to search through for the carrot pealer every night, this arrangement neatly discriminates between long and short, keeping everything within reach.

Image Source

24. Peg Board Splashback

This is an easy DIY job. Some pegboard behind the stove for saucepan storage. 

Image Source

25. Recycled Timber Cuboards

Yes, the saucepan storage in this image looks pretty amazing. And everyone wants a tagine. But the real star of this kitchen (IMHO) is the recycled timber draws - complete with cracks. The great thing is that a handyman or cabinet maker can easy add these fronts to your existing kitchen doors for an instant facelift.  

Image Source

26. Breakfast Bar Integrated Fridges

Image Source

What an incredible idea - integrate bar fridges into the side of your breakfast bar. It looks good and healthy filled with fruit and vegetables, but what really gets us excited is the idea of filling them with beer and wine! 

27. Blackboard Paint Fun

Have a blank wall in the kitchen, and love playing teacher? Fun solution - paint a wall (or cupboard) with backboard paint, buy some multi-coloured chalk and become uber-organised. You can super charge this idea by taking a flat sheet of steel, painting it with the blackboard paint and fixing that to the wall, now you have a magnetised blackboard! You'll never miss a birthday, or forget to pick up the milk again.

Image Source

28. Corner Drawers

Finally, an answer to the corner cupboard pain in the neck. These spacious corner drawers are a great idea. They look confusing when closed, but slide open to reveal a whole world of pain-free storage.

Image Source

29. Smallest Kitchen in the World

So maybe it doesn't have a Guinness World Record or anything, but this would have to be a contender for the smallest, yet most functional kitchen in the world. It magically rotates to reveal sink, stove-top, numerous storage space and, best of all, a dishwasher! No matter how small your space, there's now no excuse not to have a fully functional kitchen. 

Image Source

Before you rush off to buy four cubic metres of Lego, let us know which bright kitchen idea you want in your kitchen...

And if you're ready to supercharge your kitchen storage, build some extra preparation space or completely redo your kitchen, you can find the right people for your job, here.

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