4 Great Ways To Give Your Home An Easter Makeover


Wanting to renovate this Easter but don’t quite know where to begin? An important lesson in renovation is that it’s rarely a good idea to try to do too much too soon. Sure, you want a new bathroom and a refurbished kitchen - but sometimes enthusiasm can mean things take a lot longer to get around to doing! Breaking the process down is the best way to get the results you want, with the right planning and the right budget. Here are four home improvement projects you can get into this Easter season which are great for kickstarting a larger renovation in the long term.

So you want to renovate your kitchen ...


Try: replacing fittings

Kitchen renovations take a lot of thought and planning - but you can take years of your kitchen’s appearance by simply replacing your sink fittings with newer models. Taps see a huge amount of daily usage and are prone to rust and general decay, so trying a new, sleeker style will add a long-lost sense of cleanliness and modernity to the room. Similarly, cabinet and drawer handles get so much wear on a day-to-day basis and you’d be surprised how much their appearance can affect the overall vibe of a kitchen, despite being very modestly sized. There is lots of room for creativity in this endeavour - mix rustic ceramic knobs to create a personal style, or go for continuity with a classic design that can be matched across the kitchenscape of benchtops and cabinets.

You can find easy-to-install decorative doorknobs right here - and plumbers ready to inspect sink fittings here.

So you want to renovate your bathroom ...


Try: upgrading lighting

You probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how lighting can affect the look of your bathroom - but it’s a hugely important element in making the space feel clean, bright and fresh. Investing in a new style of lighting will change the decorative atmosphere of your bathroom but also increase its functionality in the sense of upgrading the globes to provide better overall coverage and maybe even incorporating some more environmentally-friendly options, like LEDs and low voltage bulbs. Try a skylight to bring in natural light, heating lights for the shower, mirror lights to improve reflectivity or a decorative chandelier to add a bit of personality to what is otherwise a fairly generic living space.

You can find more lighting ideas right here - and electricians to make them a reality here.

So you want to renovate your bedroom ...


Try: switching materials

A bedroom remodel is something you’ll need to put a lot of thought into. Start by having a materials brainstorm - as one of the cheapest ways to personalise a bedroom, you can obviously purchase new bed linen and pillows, but beyond that there’s plenty of fun to be had with curtains, rugs, table-liners, lampshades and wall hangings. Sometimes it can be hard to envisage how a new bedroom colour scheme will work before it’s actually before your eyes. After all, bedroom materials are essentially the room’s clothing! They make a monumental difference to the ambience of the space and can leave you feeling like you’ve changed a lot more than pillow covers.

You can find bed linen inspiration here - and interior design experts right here.

So you want to renovate your dining room ...


Try: installing wallpaper

The dining room is generally one of the best places for wallpaper in a home - it’s in use enough for people to fully appreciate the design and it has a fairly dry, stable climate to promote the longevity of the wallpaper. Creating a feature wall in your dining room adds the right amount of personality to a functional space - you could also try decorating a cupboard or crockery dresser. Sourcing new furniture for a dining room renovation, or having cabinets fitted, can be a very tedious process and more easily endured if you’ve already added a bit of life to the room.

You can find ideas for a wallpaper makeover here - and wallpaperers happy to help here.

So you want a bit of professional help ...

“The best laid schemes o’ mice and men often go awry” - or at least, the most enthusiastic DIY renovators are sometimes in need of a little assistance. You can find all kinds of help this Easter season on Service Central. Get quotes now from plumbers, electricians, handymen and renovators to get your renovation properly on the road to success.

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