Business Testimonials

I have been with SC for almost a year and as a family owned business, they have been a critical part of my business growth and reach.

I was previously signed with ServiceSeeking and found their leads to be poorly qualified and bordering on spam at times. I was quoting against 10-15 other trades and when i had a  questions/issues with my account their call center in the Philippines were not helpful at all nor did they understand my needs.

In contrast my dealings with my local account manager at SC has helped me to grow my small business and reach customers i would not have the opportunity to do myself.

Once i was signed up my account manager set my page up and ran me through my first few leads.

The team at SC has since helped shape my leads (and continue to do so) to target a specific parts of my industry and thus getting me highly qualified leads and great customers.

But the best thing for me about SC is knowing there is someone who is genuinely interested in helping my business evolve.

Hands down the best advertising decision made to date for our business.

Keep up the great work!!!

— Gary, owner of Your Jack of all Trades Vic

Thank you Gary and Service Central.

To whom this concerns, MSV Trees has been with Service Central for a couple of years now, and have found Gary to be exceptionally personal in his dealings with us. Over the last few years, many sales reps have dealt with us only through mass communication, emails, or frequent sms text messages. Gary however, met my wife and I face to face in our home, answered multiple phone calls from us as we got used to the service central system, and finally dealt with us honourably and respectfully regarding contractual concerns. To this end, we have been grateful to renew our contract with Service Central.

— Mark Maskell, Director of MSV Trees

Impressed with your employees hard work

To whom this may concern,

My name is James and I run a plumbing company. I recently joined up to Service Central and paid $2,000 and I was worried that I would never see that money again! How wrong I was within a day I was quoting jobs and getting work! I was really happy with this that I upgraded to the $6,000 package. I plan to continue using Service Central due to one aspect and that is your fantastic employee Julia McKendry! She has worked tirelessly to get me work and has gone above and beyond, even chasing money owed for me! Julia is a real asset to your company and I look forward to working with Service Central as a result. Time and time again I'm surprised as to the level of concern and care Julia has for my company and how it plans to succeed in the future. I have recommended Service Central to all my trade mates and plan to keep telling everyone how good it is! It would be such a loss to Service Central if Julia wasn't there! Thank you Julia, keep up the incredible high standard of customer service!

From a very satisfied customer.

— James Meadows from Meadows Plumbing and Gas Fitting Pty Ltd

Dear Adil,

I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with the services I am receiving from Service Central.

D & A Maintenance has had great success with the leads we are getting from Service central.

In particular Service Central is the best lead providing web service out of many lead providers we are partnering with. I look forward to D & A Maintenance continuing progress. Thank you for all your efforts, and those of your staff.

— Sanjaya from Dayal & Associates Maintenance Services/ Health Protect International Licensee, Quakers Hill, NSW

Ian Heath from Energetik chats to Service Central about what his business does, his role in the company and how they've worked with Service Central over the past two years.

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Hi to all at Service Central,

Just wanted to let you know that I am moving to Queensland, and will no longer be operating Northern Turf and Irrigation.

I was one of your original Providers; I signed up in 2005. After just one year I stopped the very expensive local paper advertising I was doing and the even more expensive Yellow Pages marketing.

I received regular and relevant leads for jobs, and rarely suffered the "tyre-kicker" experience. I valued the fact that I was only quoting against no more than two other landscapers, and that they knew I was not doing cheap "cash" quotes.

My six year experience with Service Central was comfortable, affordable and profitable for me. You guys do a great job.

— Stewart from Northern Turf & Irrigation, Eltham, VIC

We at Pml Electrics would like to pass on to you guys at service central how happy we are with the customer service we get from you, I can honestly say that anytime we have a problem that you have always made the time to help us with the problem at hand.

Our account manager Gary is really good at working with us to help us move in the right direction and use the service to its full potential.

We find your system really works due to us being able to use the service to base our business around or use it as a backing to our main business, the opportunities are endless. We would have no problem recommending you to other companies.

— Peter from Pml Electrics, Cranbourne, VIC

We have been a part of the Service Central network for a number of years and have found the ease and cost of accessing new customer through service central to be terrific.

I constantly recommend both the service provided by Service Central to those wanting trades and products but also to those wanting to join a unique organisation.

— John from Fabric Creations, Cheltenham, VIC

Happy birthday, yep it has been great to be part from the beginning, I am really reaping the rewards now!

— Danny from Danny's Window & General Clean , Elsternwick, VIC

Hi! Happy Birthday!!!!

Good to hear you are doing so well. We are also doing well as a result of our association with you. Good to hear the ads are back. Keep up the good work and we look forward to a long association with you.

— Ian from Energetik Trade Services, Mont Albert North, VIC

Over the few years I have been using Service Central. I have found them very positive and easy to work with.

Customers over all know what they want. Most leads are all genuine. Customers them self find it easy to use and I have picked up many repeat customers from having uses this service. I would highly recommend Service Central to any Plumber and tradesman.

Gary, my service & account manager, is very easy to contact and always willing to help and stays in regular touch.

— Jason from Water Save Plumbing (vic) Pty Ltd, Bayswater, VIC

I enjoy my situation with Service Central, it's great!

— Steven, Greendale, VIC

To Service Central & Gary Gupta,

I wish to congratulate you on the great service you have been providing me as a provider.

My current work load is approximately 90% generated by Service Central, in fact during the last few months I have had to expand my business due to the amount of work coming in from SC.

I have expanded from single room home based business to renting an office and hiring 2 draftsman and a reception. I would certainly recommend Service Central and Gary to any new provider that may be thinking of joining, and would dearly like if SC would conduct a seminar so we could meet the originator and thanks him for his great idea.

— Leslie from Letac Drafting Services Pty Ltd, Mount Waverley, VIC

Hello, when we started setting up our business we investigated all avenues of advertising and initially were about to join a franchise until we stumbled across service central on the radio, so we looked into it further. We contacted service central, to arrange an appointment and a representative of the organisation met us, to discuss what service central is all about and what it can offer a business, compared to others out there. We were asked to take our time and think about it and went away reading all the statistics and information that was provided to us. After 1 week, we called the rep and arranged an appointment only this particular day we signed up which was back in 2007. Initially upon signing up, after a 6 month period we thought, "Oh my gosh what have we done" as we were encountering one problem after another and the rep/account manager was no longer responding to our calls. However at this point upon contacting management (Janine in head office) they were ever so humble and apologetic but most importantly so professional in the way they handled and rectified the situation with out causing interruptions to our business.

Now 4 years later we are still with service central and have found they are exactly what every business needs. The way we look at it is, it is all up to you and how much you would like your business to grow because I tell you, what service central offer, as far as ongoing support, training, affordable lead fees and the constant changes in bettering what they are able to provide is excellent.

We now have for the last 2 or so years a fantastic account manager to which we thank for his ongoing support and assistance when required but again I believe it all stems from management who have taken the time in training and educating Gary, to be an honest, helpful and supporting rep/accounts manager. As we have found, service central to be useful and to our benefit over the years and in no way a bad investment, we also believe that we will continue being a provider/member with service central and support them as long as service central keeps up the ongoing excellence that they have built up. I believe that the more people that they train to the likes of Gary, there would be no reason why more and more providers would not sign up.

Our commitment to service central is we only advertise through you and no one else and we shall continue to do so and support you.

All I can say is Service Central we thank you and keep up the good work. To Gary we would also would like to thank you for your honesty, kind words and good spirits always willing to assist, keep up the good work.

— Jackie Papa from Prolific Home Developments Pty Ltd, Viewbank, VIC

Deianabuild is now in its second year with using Service Central. Service Central has provided a steady flow of qualified leads which has help me grow my business. The Service Central web site also allows me to scan the open jobs list for additional leads, once I have logged on. The web site has the added benefit of helping me manage the leads I have accepted, tracking and monitoring my lead conversion performance.

Service Central has also provided me with an Account Manager, Gary Gupta. Gary is my first port of call, if I have any quires or concerns. I have found Gary to be very honest person who is easy to get along with. Whenever I have had any issues, Gary has gone the extra mile to accommodate my requests and deal with those issues professionally.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Service Central and Gary Gupta to any Company who wants to grow their business.

— Sergio from Deiana Build, Templestowe Lower, VIC

I have been an active provider with Service Central for over 3 years. It took me a little while to get the feel how the system worked and use it to maximum effect. The proportion of Service Central leads and work I do each year has grown to a point that now, 75% of all my work is through Service Central or repeat business from customers originally obtained through the group. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone considering joining the group.

— Philippe from Iconic Direct Pty Ltd, Middle Park, VIC

I've used local papers before, but this doesn't work as well as Service Central. We've experienced good growth.

— John from White Dove Cleaning Service P/l, Keysborough, VIC

We found out about Service Central through the radio, and I'm really happy with the service. We are receiving heaps of leads and were able to buy extra equipment recently: there's been a good flow of work.

— Jayson from Viking Structures, Mitcham, VIC