Reduce traffic noise, replacing window glass?

Rebecca requested 3 quotes from Double Glazed Windows in Hampton Park

  I would like to reduce traffic noise in the house.
I have timber awning window approx. 30-40 years old
Glass is possibly only3mm
I also have a roller shutter over the window, which covers a portion of the window, even when totally open
I was wondering what options are available to help reduce traffic noise – eg replacing existing glass with thicker glass (possibly hush laminate glass) was possible & would that reduce noise
Glass panel sizes:
2 at 890mm x 580 mm
890mm x 1310 mm
awning window approx 790mm x 1210mm
**** Would people be able to supply me with a rough quote by email ? ****

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  • Date Listed 3 Aug 2015 - 8:00 pm