Water-Saving Tips For A Thirsty Garden

With the weather heating up, it can be tempting to blast the garden but your wallet certainly won’t thank you for it - and neither will the environment. In the summer months it’s important to adjust your watering and gardening habits to ensure you’re acting sustainably and to the benefit of your backyard. Here are a few tips for saving on that water bill and meeting those water restrictions.

1. Quantity wins out

Watering sporadically in moderation is often inappropriate for flowering plants. It’s far better to indulge in a huge soak once in awhile rather than use a can to drizzle a few drops everyday which will soon disappear with the morning sun. If you’re pushed for quantity, consider using what is called “waste water” or “grey water” as a substitute for mains - this is the water which is wasted during simple household activities, such as bathing, and is entirely appropriate for sustaining non-edible plantlife.


2. Think about your soil

Not only is soil type important when it comes to required watering - for instance, clay-based soil needs heavy, occasional watering - but you can actually maximise the efficiency of your watering by digging in it! For highly-consumptive plants like tomato vines, form a little crater in the dirt around the roots to ensure the water takes longer to drain.


3. Give your plants their best shot

Make sure you’re weeding appropriately and often enough to ensure every drop is going to your garden life and not any imposters. Equally, pay careful attention to any younger seedlings, since they lack the resilience of older, established plants. Finally, have a chat at your local hardware about which mulches can reduce evaporation.


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