Improve your lighting with Downlights

Downlights - Sophisticated Chic Lighting For A Modern Home

If you have been living in the dark ages and looking to update your home’s lighting then downlights might be just what you’re looking for.

Downlights can be installed in any home and in any area, as they are recessed into the ceiling cavity they create a modern low profile look so that you can easily use several in any given room to fully light your home without the feel of overcrowding.


You should always try and maximise natural light in your home but in a room where there is little to no natural light or at night time you will want to light up your home and minimise shadows, especially in areas such as your kitchen and bathroom. As the kitchen is generally a place where a lot of work is carried out, good lighting is important for safety reasons when you may be cooking or preparing food with sharp knives. Downlights are fantastic to light up such areas to illuminate the sink, stove and benches as their size allows for installation underneath wall mounted cabinets and can be aimed at a specific area.

Downlights have become quite versatile over the years and can now be manipulated to suit the lighting requirements of each room of your home by installing a dimmer; this could be used to soften the lights in rooms such as your living room.

Downlight globes can be installed fixed or adjustable to point light towards a central feature in your home like a kitchen bench or a painting.There are currently three different types of downlights and they each have different pro’s and con’s:

Low voltage downlights: these use a transformer, offer a brighter, crisper light and give precise and even light distribution. An added bonus is they have a significantly longer life than many others and can save upto 20% on energy!

240 volt downlights: these lights are cost efficient, don't require a transformer, and give out good amounts of light, however they may not last as long or be as energy efficient.

240 volt GU-10 downlights: these are a cheaper globe and they don't require a transformer. The light produced by these downlights is generally more yellow toned.

What about outside my home? Downlights can also come in a range of hardy weather rated globes perfect under your eaves or to light up your gazebo for a night of entertaining or alfresco dining, these versatile weather proof lights are also very useful in wet indoor areas such as your bathroom.

As with any lighting installation there is always risk of fire and downlights like any other lights need to be installed clear of any and all ceiling insulations, as added fire protection you can also have an added fire shield installed along with your downlights, it is also important that any electrical work be installed by a licensed and insured professional and that you receive an electrical certificate.

Service Central Guarantees that all our Electrical Contractors hold up to date Electrical licence, Public Liability Insurance and an active ABN so you can have piece of mind when you use Service Central to find your trades and service specialists.

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  • Hi Service Central,
    very misleading information. On average the 240v (CFLi lamps) Like the Phillips Tornado (*6000 hours last longer than the highest IRC*5000 or MR16 low voltage downlight. A CFLI with a 100 + degree beam spread will give you a more even uniform light than a standard low voltage downlight. All approved downlights come with a Heat can/guard, i would recommend a IRC 35w downlight kit with Viper control gear for though that want to have a designer showpiece, those that are unmoved by trends a want even light. CFL 15-20w with a wide beam 100 degree plus.

    Under eaves go for an Ip54 rating on the light......

    *** tip ** only use LED outdoor if your NOT competing with any other light sources...

    over a year ago by Troy
  • Important to note that downlights are worse for the environment and your wallet than most other lights. (1) They produce more heat than light (hence the notes on fire risk) so you are paying to use a lot more electricity, even with low voltage lights. (2) Because of the heat issue, you have to cut holes in your ceiling AND your insulation when they are installed. So the money you are paying to heat your room goes straight out all these holes into your roof space! Choose compact fluorescent globes In a normal light fitting instead.

    over a year ago by RichOK
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