Can I fix my own telephone cables?

Telephone cables are off limits when it comes to DIY. Why?

The telephone company (Telstra) owns and maintains the telephone network. Any work on this infrastructure needs to be done by a licensed technician.

While this may seem silly, especially if you're simply rewiring a plug, the licensing arrangement is there to protect you from accidents as well as damage to the infrastructure. It's like you choosing whether to lend out your chain saw to a friend - if you know they're responsible and knows how to use it you'll probably do it. But if it's a 16 year old who clearly has bad intentions, you're going to want some kind of guarantee that neither the kid not the chain saw are going to be damaged.

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  • so say one was patching data outlets through a patch panel and to an adsl2 modem. Do i require a licenced cabler ?

    over a year ago by Tate
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