50 Reasons Australia is the Greatest...

We think Australia is pretty great. That's why we've put together 50 reasons to support our case. Take a look. Do you agree that Australia is the greatest?

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1. We eat by-products of the beer making process. For breakfast.

2. And Even After Breakfast's Finished We Have the Best Cuisine...

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3. We're Huge. Take That, Europe.

4. It's Dangerous. The Fact That We're Still Alive Makes Us the Strongest 21 Million People on the Planet.

5. We're Really Ridiculously Good at Sport. Because We're Bred to Run and Swim Away from Dangerous Animals.

Especially Sports No One Else Has Heard of...

6. Let's Not Forget Our Rich History

7. Lucky We're Chockers Full of Natural Resources Ready For Exploiting

8. Which is Why We Can Afford Spacious Houses...

9. Fancy Cars...

10. And the Latest iPhone

11. We Know How to Throw a Memorable Party

12. Even Our Politicians Get Into the Spirit...

13. And Take the Time to Enjoy a Refreshing Ice Cold Beer

14. We Have Thousands of Sandy Beaches Just Like This One...

15. And the Lifeguards Who Protect Us Look Like This...

16. We're One of the Most Multicultural Nations in the World

17. Which Means We Have an Awesome Variety of Delicious Food

18. We Make Great Wine Too

... Which Is Handy, Because We Drink Alot of It

19. We Have Great Weather

20. Plus a Wonderfully Diverse Landscape

21. With a Spiritual Red Rocky Centre

22. Surrounded By Crystal Clear Waters

23. We Have Clean, Safe, Cosmipolitan and Liveable Cities

24. Oh, and Sydney Too

25. Even if They Are a Tad Expensive...

26. We're Good Inventors

27. And Actors

28. Oh, Our Indigenous People Have a Connection to the Land That Dates Back Over 40,000 Years

29. That's 40,000 Years of Sunsets That Look Like This

30. We Have a Sense of Humour

31. And a Unique Take on Christmas

32. We Know the Best Way to Attract Tourists... Is to Offend Them

33. We Know How to Sport a Speedo

34. Because We Have a Unique Sense of Fashion

35. And a Rich Vocabulary

36. We Have a Bunch of Really BIG Things

37. Including the Southern Hemisphere's Largest Nut Sack

38. In Fact, We Have Lots of Southern Hemishpere Records. Suck on That, South America...

Like the Southern Hemisphere's Largest Shopping Centre

And, Soon, the Southern Hemisphere's Ugliest Tallest Building

39. We Know How to Have Fun in the Sun

40. We Played Angry Birds Before it was Cool

41. And Have a Long List of Inspirational People

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42. We're All Well-Educated

43. Not Just Smart Though. We All Look Like This...

44. Or This...

45. We Have a Crazy Mix of Unique Fauna

46. Easily the Weirdest Looking Animal

47. And More Camels than the Sahara

48. You Can Go Swimming With Dinosaurs...

49. And Spot the Most Flamboyant Lizards

50. Finally. This.

In conclusion Australia is a pretty great country. If you're Australian, you know that already. If you're from somewhere slightly less great, no worries, come and see for yourself. Just don't come by boat...

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