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I am after someone that can install an airconditioner in a low set brick house. This unit is for our bedroom, and at present there are no airconditioner of this type installed. The unit is only a 2.5kw, and input is only 0.6kw. There is a electrical circuit running in the bedroom through the same wall where the aircon is to be installed. This is a 10amp circuit, but given that input is only 0.6KW it should be fine to utilize the same circuit.

The Compressor unit needs to be installed directly outside on the opposite side of the indoor unit - straight forward.

After someone who can do this for a reasonable amount of money. It should be an easy quick job.



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I was very happy with the service and promptness of this service provider. They installed the airconditioner within 24 hours, and was also the most competitive on price. The job itself was carried out professionally and met my expectations. Definately can recommend these guys!

· over a year ago

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  • Suburb Regents Park, QLD 4118
  • Specialisation Air Conditioning Installation
  • Date Listed 29 Jul 2009 - 5:43 pm

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