Quality Assurance

How Service Central identifies and manages quality providers

At Service Central we take quality very seriously.

Accordingly, we have developed an in-house compliance management system to ensure that all businesses that carry the "Certified by Service Central" badge have been fully checked to ensure that they have: 

Certified by Service Central

  • A registered business with a valid ABN or ACN.
  • Qualifications where the trade is licensed or are registered with a State Authority where required.
  • Appropriate Public Liability Insurance.
  • Agreed to the Service Central Terms and Conditions.
  • Agreed to abide by the Service Central Code of Conduct.

Service Central goes to great lengths to help you find the right quality business for your needs. Read on to find out how.

The compliance management system

Service Central's compliance management system requires each business to submit a copy of their registrations, qualifications and certificate of currency for insurance. An authorised Service Central staff member then personally views and approves each of these documents.

Only after all the documentation is approved will a registered business receive the "Certified by Service Central" badge. The system then tracks the documentation's expiry dates and for any business that has not maintained current documentation automatically removes their "Certified" status.

What this means for you

Services Marketplace

Services Marketplace

Service Central's Services Marketplace is designed to ensure that only Registered, Qualified and Insured businesses can respond to your jobs.

The Compliance Management system kicks in the minute that you Post our Job on the Service Central Marketplace. The system matches each job request against the compliance requirements including the size of job within the State or Territory that it was posted. Once the correct compliance requirements have been identified, the Compliance Management system will ensure that only businesses that meet those requirements at that point in time can respond to the job. If a business doesn't meet the compliance requirements of a job, the system refuses to allow them to accept the job and locks them out of contacting the customer.

Furthermore, once a business responds to a job the consumer is immediately provided with links to the business' online business profile. This enables a consumer to start their own due diligence process before engaging a business. It is recommended that a consumer looks through the feedback provided by previous customers of the business, as well as viewing photographs and examples of previous work. Via the business profile, consumers are also provided with the full contact details of the business to enable them to conduct further investigations, reference checking, licence and qualification checks, etc if they feel the need to do so.



The Service Central Directory enables you to search for and engage businesses directly.

This provides you with greater control over who you contact regarding your job, however it does mean that (as a specific job has not been posted) the Services Marketplace's Compliance Management System is not able to identify the exact compliance requirements. Given this, it is extremely important that you personally qualify each business before engaging them.

To help you identify quality businesses within the Directory, Service Central provides quality businesses with the "Certified by Service Central" Badge. To avoid any confusion, businesses that have not been certified by Service Central are provided with the "Not Certified by Service Central" badge. For your protection, we recommend that you only use businesses that have been Certified by Service Central.

Certified and Not Certified

Furthermore, from the directory you can click through to each business' profile, which as we outline below provides you with great information to help you identify quality businesses and help you choose the right business for you.

Business Profiles

Business Profile

Business Profiles provide a rich information source about each business.

This information includes:

Business Profile
  • Business Name
  • Certification Status:
    • "Certified by Service Central" badge, or
    • "Not Certified by Service Central"
  • Contact Details
  • Request A Quote Form
  • Services
  • Customer Feedback and Reviews
  • Photo Gallery
  • Accepted Jobs
  • Qualifications

The Business Profile page should be the starting point in your due diligence process. The information is designed to provide you with a quick snapshot of each business. Importantly, businesses that have had their insurances and qualifications checked by Service Central are clearly marked with the "Certified by Service Central" badge. Similarly, the Customer Feedback and Reviews provide a strong insight into the quality of each business. We recommend, however, that you do your own research into a business (including asking for references and examples of their work) before engaging a business to complete work for you.

Commercial Compliance Management

If you run a commercial operation, an industry body, a member organisation or have your own network of businesses, Service Central's state of the art Compliance Management System can be tailored to help you meet your compliance requirements.

Some examples of compliance management that has been tailored to different organisations includes:

  • Membership Status
    • I.E. Is their membership current?
  • Working with Children Licences
  • Training Completed
    • Induction
    • OH&S
    • Etc.
  • Red / White Card Accreditation
  • Type of Entity
  • Employee Agreements
  • Specific Insurance Requirements
  • Currency of Service Level Agreements
  • Training courses completed including tracking Learning Credits
  • Etc.

Commercial Compliance Management is managed by our Commercial Partner: Eaco (view their Compliance Management Software here).