Our Story

A message from co-founders Danial & Bruce Ahchow

Like most people, we were frustrated with how difficult it was to find quality businesses.

It would be hard work to find someone and then they wouldn't return our calls. In 2002 we decided to do something about it. Inspired, we started to build the Service Central Job Enquiry System.

Founders Danial and Bruce Ahchow

The key problem was that the process seemed to be back to front. If you have a job to be done, and the money to pay for it, why should you have to chase businesses? Instead, the businesses should be chasing you!

The Service Central system was built to achieve exactly that. The system is based around the principle of capturing a consumers request, and 'narrow-casting' the request to businesses that do that exact type of work. The businesses that are interested in the work would then compete for the job.

This fundamental change in perception inspired us to delve into the power of this system even more. What other things could we now do to empower consumers, and improve levels of customer service? Firstly, an exclusive database ensured that only pre-qualified providers were registered. Unlike most directories or classifieds, we were able to check the quality of each provider before they were accepted into our network. Secondly, we were able to collect, monitor and display job-specific feedback on each provider. This empowered consumers to make an informed decision. Thirdly, the immediacy of the system enabled us to make real-time changes which cannot be done with traditional channels such as directories and classifieds. This list of features is growing every day.

Furthermore, we have no doubt that the quality providers out there support our vision of a revolutionised services marketplace! Quality providers do not enjoy competing against cowboys, and like to be recognised for their quality workmanship. Our providers also love the fact that we minimise their costs through our user-pays approach (they only pay for the referrals they want). Providers control their flow of work through using Service Central, and given that we remove the cost of traditional advertising, and minimise interactions with tyre-kickers, businesses are able to save money and time.

We know that we're on to something special. Already, over 200,000 consumers have used our unique service, with thousands of businesses joining our exclusive network.