Auctions in Reverse - Business Review Weekly

Auctions in Reverse

BRW Magazine (9 July 2009)

Entrepreneurs can find out exactly what their customers want through a new breed of website where consumers request tenders for everything from wedding photos to graphic design, tiling, plumbing and even legal services... Read More

Service Central makes the BRW Fast Starters list again!

Service Central makes the BRW Fast Starters list again!

BRW Magazine (25 June 2009)

Business Review Weekly (BRW) has again included Service Central in its list of Fast Starters. This year BRW Fast Starters attracted more entries than ever before, and the final list includes many new companies who have not been featured in past years. Service Central is proud to be included again on the list, this time moving up to 27th place... Read More


MyBusiness Awards '08 Winner - Service Central

MyBusiness Magazine (November 2008)

The Hewlett Packard Award for Best E-Business was this year won by Service Central. HP Judges were impressed with Service Central's innovative approach to an established market through the development of unique software designed to connect domestic and commercial customers with registered, qualified and insured service providers... Read More


Master Electricians to set new benchmark for the industry

The Master Electrician (October 2008)

The largest-ever safety and quality push in the Australian electrical industry has begun this month with the launch of the national Master Electricians accreditation. Consumers and the electrical contracting industry will be the biggest winners with the introduction of Master Electricians accreditation across Australia. Margaret Lawson reports... Read More


Trading Places

Retail Marketing Survival Guide (October 2008)

The rules of engagement have changed forever. One new player in the services space is borrowing from retail strategies to address the new needs of customers. You don't need a bucketload of market research to know the key priority for every consumer today, particularly in the services industry: Convenience and price point. This holds true for your affluent corporate, your stay-at-home mum and your Gen Y uni student... Read More


Young multi-millionaires

FatCat (8 July 2008)

Is there a formula for making loads of money? If so, the mega rich, high achievers that we have chosen to feature in our 'wealth creation' series, know the answer and more importantly, know how to apply it...Read More


Budget Blitz - Your DIY

Woman's Day (14 July 2008)

Want to renovate your home without busting your bank balance? Domestic Blitz star Scott Cam has a few clever suggestions. When it comes to renovating the house, keep costs down by following a few simple rules...Read More


An Idea Worth a Million Dollars

Sunday Telegraph (Sydney) (15 June 2008)

One day, when Service Central is worth billions of dollars (which I've no doubt it will be) and founder Danial Ahchow is a squillionaire (which I've no doubt he will be), somebody will say: "What a simple idea, why didn't I think of that?" Chances are, many of us have had a similar idea to his, because it really is very simple indeed. But picturing a simple idea and having the determination and vision to make it reality are two very different things...Read More


Ask an Expert

Australian House and Garden (June 2008)

How to do away with unwelcome draughts, restore weathered timbers and prevent water-damaged floorboards from dampening your spirit. Plus, home office storage ideas...Read More


Media Moves

The Australian (22 May 2008)

Former Yahoo! Australia and New Zealand managing director Cliff Rosenberg has joined the board of online service provision group Service Central. Last week Service Central, which links domestic and commercial customers with service providers, registered its 100,000th customer. "The services industry in Australia is changing and being revolutionised by this concept of creating a transparent online market," Mr Rosenberg said.


Building Better Ways with Builders

Saturday Age (3 May 2008)

Australian builders get the thumbs down in a new national survey by trades services company Service Central. it shows that Victorians have a beef with builders over trust issues, overquoting and failing to return calls, and it naives builders as the worst trades service in Australia. Executive director at Service Central Danial Ahchow says not all builders come from the sauce stable as those who wind up on A Current Affair but customers have to know where to find the right ones. He says those who simply rely on word of mouth or dipping into the phone book are in danger of finding a dud. "At Service Central, we pride ourselves on matchmaking customers with only registered, qualified and insured tradespeople, and in doing so we hope to change the perception of Australians towards builders and their peers."


Builders fail to stack up confidence in service survey

Cairns Post (9 April 2008)

Builders are the most moaned about of all trades people, according to results from a national survey. The online survey, commissioned by Service Central, found about a third of respondents found builders provided the worst service, followed by plumbers. Service Central aims at linking customers with tradespeople. Industry figures were quick to defend builders, however, saying the nature of their work meant there always would be issues... Read More


Bad Builder Complaints

Sydney Morning Herald (5 April 2008)

Dodgy roof job? Wonky flooring? Draughty windows? Everyone knows someone with a bad builder story, right? This week a survey commissioned by Service Central found the top three NSW complaints about dealing with tradespeople were concern about being taken for a ride by a local cowboy, being over-quoted for a job and not having calls returned. But Martin Phemister, who runs the contract building firm Ready For Sale, disputes that negative reputation. "Builders get a raw deal when there are actually a lot of skilled people out there who take pride in the standard of their work and keeping the customer happy. It's more a case of a few bad apples giving us all a bad name," he said. Service Central was begun in 2005 by a father and son team, Danial and Bruce Ahchow, who saw a gap in the market for finding quality tradespeople efficiently.


Public un-rest with Builders

Courier Mail (4 April 2008)

Builders have been named and shamed as Queensland's worst tradies. A new study, commissioned by Service Central, found more than a third of Queensland consumers surveyed thought builders were not supplying them with adequate service. Plumbers also did not fare well. The study found 22 per cent of respondents thought local plumbing services left little to be desired. Service Central executive director Danial Ahchow said the study highlighted consumers did not know how best to locate competent tradespeople...Read More


Me & My Mentor

Daily Telegraph (22 March 2008)

The executive director of Service Central, Danial Ahchow, started the business 6 years ago out of frustration with the lack of quality service providers. The 30-year-old quickly enlisted the help of his father, Bruce Ahchow, who has been running his own businesses all his working life... Read More


Trading Up

The Age (25 October 2007)

Today's tradies are more likely to be wearing suits than shorts, writes Claire Halliday. Not so long ago, calling a tradesman meant beginning with a flip through the Yellow Pages and ending with a man, ringing your doorbell three hours - sometimes days - later than arranged. Seek a tradesman today and it is immediately obvious that times have changed. Having embraced SMS and internet technology, today's tradies are a much slicker, politer bunch...Read More


Rocky Roads to Super Highways

Dynamic Business (June 2007)

It sometimes seems that every man and his dog is running an online business, so how hard can it be? Cameron Baylet talks to e-commerce? Cameron Bayley talks to e-commerce entrepreneurs about the nuts and bolts involved in launching their services on the internet and finds it's not all hunky dory...Read More


Service Road

The Herald Sun - CareerOne (28 October 2006)

The struggle to find a tradesman gave Danial Ahchow a great business idea and Service Central was born. His next step is world domination Anyone who has heard the words ‘‘I’ll be there between 9am and noon or 2pm and 5pm’’ knows how frustrating waiting for a tradesman can be. We all know getting three quotes is the smartest way to find someone to work on your home, but sitting through a day of waiting often means we go with the first and only one...Read More


Contract Matchmaker Mends his Ways

The Age (15 September 2006)

A change in business plan has opened doors for Service Central writes Jesse Hogan. Danial Ahchow's grand plan to start his own business was born out of frustration. His father Bruce's cleaning contracting company had won a major contract from Coles Myer, which meant lhe company had to quickly - and significantly - increase its workforce. The idea came when both began searching the Yellow Pages, "begging" cleaners to work for them as sub-contractors...Read More


Sign up for Online Job Referrals

Building Connection (Winter 2006)

Marketed as an effortless way to promote your business and fi nd the jobs you really want, online job matching services are growing in popularity, Caroline Kearney reports. Word of mouth only takes you so far. Smart promotion is vital to the success of most businesses. For tradespeople this has traditionally meant placing an ad or listing in phone directories or the classifi eds section of a local paper – but if your ad isn’t the biggest or your business doesn’t start with the letter ‘A’ you’re less likely to be spotted by potential customers...Read More