Replace steps with a ramp @ front of building easy access for wheelchairs,wheelie bins, elderly

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  Hi there. the owner's corporation are looking to replace steps with a ramp at the front of the building. this is to overcome several issues - enabling wheelie bins to be put out easily, allowing access for bikes to bike shed (rather than people carrying bikes down the stairs) and to make it easier for a couple of older residents to get to their units. we need someone to check whether this can be done (i.e. is gradient ok or too steep). if it can be done, we intially need a quote for the work which will then be submitted to the executive committee for discussion. many thanks julia. ps the steps can be inspected at any time without the need for an appointment. if anyone questions what you are doing, just advise them you have been instructed by me.

Handymen that Responded

Oz Wide Property Maintenance

Xskape Finance

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  • Suburb Paddington, NSW 2021
  • Specialisation Basic Concreting
  • Date Listed 20 Nov 2008 - 9:06 am

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