Our new website design

After months of hard work from our technical and design teams, we're proud to bring to you our new website. We've put our heart and souls into this project, and we hope that you're as impressed with the changes as we are!

Cleaner, prettier design

You'll only need to go to www.servicecentral.com.au once to immediately see the difference. The site now boasts clean lines, it's good to look at and there is exceptional clarity for your browsing. The middle area throughout the site holds the most relevant information for that page and displays that information in a way that you can easily read and quickly understand - saving you time and improving our service to you.


Easier navigation and browsing

Our new left-side navigation is easier to use and exposes you to various parts of our site in a far more logical way than before. From the homepage links to Services, Articles & Advice, Post Your Job, Jobs Board and Register Your Business appear.

When you drill down to a particular service the links dynamically change to present you with relevant information about that particular service. So when you’re in on the Building Homepage you can see links directly to Building Advice, Building Jobs, Post your Building Job as well as a full list of links to the new Building sub-categories pages.


If you're logged in, you'll see even more relevant info. Access to jobs you've posted, businesses that have responded, feedback to be entered and your account details are all just one click away.

One of the most exciting things about the new side navigation is the flexibility that it creates for our IT team to roll out new products and features. It won’t be long before you start seeing these great new products and features.

Top 3 best businesses

Throughout the site you'll see a list of our Top 3 registered businesses, as determined the star ratings and feedback given to the businesses by their customers. If you're particularly interested in using a company, you can post your job directly from their web profile. This ensures that this business gets 'first dibs' on being one of the three businesses to quote. If for some reason that business isn't able to do the job (they could be too busy or it's not their regions or area of speciality) then you won't lose anything by trying - once the business has refused the job (or their two hours has run out) then your job will be advertised to the other businesses in your area.


More information that's easier to get to

We've been working hard to create a stockpile of really useful, relevant articles on our site, and have over 1,000 articles available for your reading pleasure. They're on a variety of topics - from DIY guides to blogs from home renovators, from advice on what to ask a tradie to pricing guides. Now, with our new site design you'll find it easier to get to topics that interest you, and you can read articles on many different topics before posting your job.


Hopefully there's no need to remind you of our new Post a Job form that was released a few months ago. We received fantastic feedback about those changes - mainly focused on how much time was saved and how much more logical the process was. We've applied the same logic to the new design of the full site and hope that you enjoy using it as much as the new form.

We'd love to hear your feedback so if you've got any comments please email us at info@servicecentral.com.au or leave a comment below.

Find out how the website redesign benefits our registered businesses here.

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