Lessons learnt about bathroom renovations

So my bathroom is completely finished now and I am very pleased withthe way it's turned out. I thought I'd share with you some of the things that I've learnt during this project.

  • When designing your bathroom try and think clearly about what you do and don't want. Bathroom catalogues can be really confusing, so think about general shapes and colours that you would like and then work from there. I found it really helpful to cut out the pictures of the individual items that I liked and stick them on a board so I could see how they would work together.
  • When getting quotes don't be afraid to ask for advice on what will and won't work in your bathroom
  • Question the location of the toilet, basin, bath and shower - sometimes changing the location makes it cheaper, sometimes it's cheaper to use the existing plumbing sources.
  • I know I keep saying this, but GET MORE THAN ONE QUOTE and don't always go with the cheapest. It's important you trust the people you have working on your house.
  • Surprisingly being at home while this project was done was really very helpful. Not just for me, but for the bathroom fitters as well. It meant that anytime they had a query, they could come straight to me to find out what I wanted. This meant that not only did I get exactly what I wanted, but that they could get on with their work without waiting for me to come home and make the decision.
  • Don't pay the final installment until you've used your bathroom and checked that everything is in working order. I had some minor issues with mine; the thermostat needed adjusting as did one of the bath taps. Once they'd come back and done the final work, I was happy to hand over the last cheque.
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  • Sounds like you didn't learn any of the horrible things I learned...

    I learned to trust no one, pay nothing up front and to always check out a company properly before hiring them. The company I chose ripped everything out and then tried to up the price - knowing that I didn't have a bathroom and wasn't really able to wait! Bastards. I found out later that they weren't even licensed. Another thing I learned - ask about compliance certificates and licences.

    But still, in the end I found Jack's Bathroom's here who was able to help me at pretty much no notice so thank god, but not everyone has such a good experience like you did.

    over a year ago by Mattie
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