How to fit door handles

Door handles are finicky things to fit, but if you're careful you'll be fine!

  • Mark the height that you want the door handle to be on and then on the outside of the door, using a flat drill bit drill a hole large and deep enough that the latch body can slide completely into the door.
  • Slide the latch body completely into the door and then mark around the latch plate with a pencil.
  • Chisel out the inside of this rectangle so that the plate sits completely flush with the door. Make sure not to chisel this recess in the wood too deep.
  • Hold the latch piece against the outside of the door, level with the hole you’ve just drilled, use it to measure out the correct distance for the spindle hole.
  • Mark up the position for the spindle hole with a pencil and drill the hole for the spindle making sure to use a drill bit larger than the spindle.
  • You should now be able to slide the latch into the door and slide the spindle through the spindle hole.
  • Screw the latch plate into space using the small woodscrews provided with the latch.
  • Slot the door knobs into place and then screw them onto the door with small woodscrews.
  • Finally you will need to attach the strike plate to the doorjamb. Mark out the correct height, draw round the strike plate and chisel a small recess for the plate to sit in, before screwing it into place.

Of course, if you can't be bothered this is an easy job for a handyman or even carpenter, so post your job today to get quality businesses to contact you to quote.

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